Flyer is concerned with the development of cultural projects, services and solutions between art and technology for either public or private institutions and organizations. Our field of action involves 3 macro areas:

  • Cultural Productions and Events
  • Websites and Apps
  • FLxER Creative Collective

Throughout the years Flyer acquired expertise in the production of cultural events related to Audio Visual Performing Arts, in the creation of web sites, platforms, social media, communication and video mapping, installations, performances and workshops with the collective FLxER. .
Flyer has received many awards, prizes and, in particular, public and private grants for both internal and external projects, thanks to a fund raising work. For more details, see the Awards & Grants section.

We are currently offering to public and private institutions and organizations a wide range of services and products: curatorship, planning and production of events; setting up and organisation of events, reviews and festivals in the field of Audio Visual Performing Arts; planning and creation of applications to be employed on web, including mobile and web-based Apps; video mapping, installations, performances and workshops.

Time and experience have led us to combine skills, professionalism and imagination. We are a team of creative people, technology experts, communication advisors, video artists and performers.

We share the same philosophy: we suggest new and innovative solutions with a high degree of personalization, detecting the constant changes that take place in the present world.

Our suggestions aim at a free and innovative use of the tools available, combining strategy and creativity to improve the image and our relations with the environment in which we operate.


Cultural Productions

Cultural Productions

Flyer’s unique feature lies in the capability to create a product starting from zero, supported by its wide experience achieved through the realization of its numerous projects: FLxER, one of the first software to manage live videos, LPM (the major event in Audio Visuals Performing Arts from 2004 up to now), Live Cinema Festival, Fotonica Festival and others, thanks to the experience in managing partnerships.

Flyer is a leader in the design for national and local European calls, based on cooperation at many levels.

Web & Apps

Web Sites & Apps

Flyer, for over 20 years, offers consultancy, services and products related to the design and implementation of projects for the web: websites, web-based applications, management platforms, content creation, community and social network management, statistical analysis and reports on access, maintenance and service, art direction and graphic layout processing, implementation of features and accessible code programming, online publishing, creation and updating of content, maintenance and hardware and software support.
The final objective is to make a product of digital craft, made to measure for the project.

Interaction Design

FLxER Creative Collective

Video mappings, interactive installations, Performances and Workshops are projects born within the experimental research laboratory of Flyer. They have become the result of important prizes and awards, as well as protagonists of hundreds of prestigious artistic and cultural events of international orientation. It is within these projects that one of the first software in the world was created to use the video in the performative field: FLxER (that takes its name from the project itself).

This is how the most experimental and artistic side of Flyer starts, distinguishing itself in the last twenty years for the innovative, original and experimental nature of its collective, which since 2000 is the protagonist of the international artistic scene.