Cultural Productions

Our mission is to make passion and creativity out of professionalism. Flyer combines supply and demand in the field of cultural productions, focusing especially on Audio Visuals Performing Arts.

Flyer runs the activities of a consistent number of artists coming from all over the world; it helps public and private institutions and organisations discover their professional strengths in order to fulfill their objects.

Flyer makes possible even the most ambitious projects: there are many of these, realized by us, that have received funding at European level, within the framework of the Cultural Programme of the European Community, and at local level.

For this reason, Flyer is the exclusive reference point in Italy for all the professionals active in the field of visual communication, and for the artists looking for a preferential channel for the spread of their art.

Flyer proposes innovative and competitive solutions to either public or private institutions through the creation and development of interesting concepts in the field of Audio Visuals Arts, enabling the communicative impact of the live video, not only for cultural purposes but also for business and entertainment. Our strategy embraces the whole working process, from the artists selection to the realization of the actual event.

Here the list of the main projects realized by Flyer:

LPM: Live Performers Meeting

2004 > TODAY

LPM: Live Performers Meeting

LPM – Live Performers Meeting is the most famous meeting of live video performers, visual artists and vj dedicated to audio Visuals Performing Arts.

The event witnessed the synthesis of art, technology, entertainment , exchange of views and formation since 2004, with more than 24 editions taking place all over the world: Italy, Netherlands, Belarus, Mexico and South Africa.
The programme consists of audio-visual performances, workshop and showcase projects, software and cutting-edge products.

Live Cinema Festival

2014 > TODAY

Live Cinema Festival

Live Cinema Festival aims at exploring all the artistic phenomena linked to the concept of “Live Cinema” through the implementation of this experimental narrative technique which became the distinctive feature of many artists.

The editions that take place each year since 2014 enables a polyhedric perspective on the different ways through which Live Cinema can be interpreted.

Fotonica Festival

2017 > TODAY

Fotonica Festival

Fotonica, from the Greek φωτός (photòs), namely a light particle, is a festival that aims at the exploration of the artistic forms of the element light and its multiple expressions in the contemporary context.

The project sees the collaboration of international organizations active in the contemporary audio video production, aiming at the exploitation of different expressive forms: Audio Video Performance, Video Mapping. Light Installations, Net Art, DJ-VJ Sets, Workshops and Lectures.


2016 > TODAY


Chromosphere is a ”fulldome” festival that offers the possibility to admire artistic contents specifically designed for these majestic domes. It is a breathtaking, full immersion experience which permits a different way of exploring art.

People are first welcomed in the aerea with the interactive video installations, and they are successively led in the projections area, where they can enjoy the suggestive atmosphere evoked by the spheric representations on the structure.

Audio Visuals Performing Arts

Flyer is the only company in Italy focusing entirely on Audio Visuals Performing Arts and its multiple declinations. Flyer’s projects originate from the convergence of avant-garde art and new technologies and take actual form in different types of productions: from festivals organization to the creation of site-specific applications such as installations and video mapping. Our work is the result of a passionate approach in combination with a twenty-years long experience in the field of Audio Visual Performing Arts, Veejaying, visual communication and events organization. Flyer collaborates with international experts and artists that are able to create audio visual shows suitable for different contexts and situations.

Besides the production of an event starting from zero, Flyer also provides single services to private and public institutions and organizations:


Thanks to the experience achieved through the organization of LPM from 2004 onwards, Flyer’s team selects and coordinates the artists that suit the goals of private and public organizations.

Flyer can also be an exceptional partner for corporate events with the aim of making their contents unique and innovative.

Booking & Artists Management

The mediating activity between organizations, institutions and artists, includes the supervision of the professional relationships and the bureaucratic assistance in order to regulate the economic position of the artists.


The technical area focuses on the planning of visual solutions based on video contents. Flyer offers scenic design of video installations dealing with space design, production and logistic management, hardware video supply and playout software tools.


Flyer has become the ideal partner and advisor for those who want to access the funds allocated for culture and new technologies thanks to its ten-years long experience in the realization of more than 30 financed projects.