Flyer communication offers counseling, services and products related to the ideation and realization of web projects, from contents, design, software development, creation and management of textual, photographic, video and interactive contents, up to the community and social network management.

Here you can find the hundreds of Flyer web projects since 1999:

Image for: PrimoMaggio 08
gennaio 2008

2008 edition of the website for concert / event that is held every year in Piazza San Giovanni in Rome.…
Image for: Fluxus Corporate Identity
maggio 2007

Corporate Identity Creation for FLUXUS HR Consulting, management consulting firm specializing in the exploitation and development of Human Resources.
Image for: Fluxus
maggio 2007

FLUXUS HR Consulting is a company specializing in the enhancement and development of human resources. The website is mainly addressed…
Image for: PrimoMaggio 07
aprile 2007

2007 edition of the website, created in 2005 and implemented in 2006 by the same flyer, concert / event that…
Image for: Italia Lavoro
maggio 2006

Realization of the flash to produce a course of E-learning Jobs Italy.
Image for: Istituto Forum
dicembre 2002

Graphic design and implementation of brand and corporate identity for the ‘Itas-community for the Institute of Directors Forum in Rome.
Image for: Progetto Senis
settembre 2002

Typographical design and layout for the publication of materials SENIS Project (National Seminar on Science Teaching), which promotes the teaching…
Image for: BNL – Netsources
maggio 2001

BNL-services division of the BNL Group, which provides e-based, financial or otherwise, for the Net Economy, was preparing to make…
Image for: Autojob
gennaio 2001

The website was created with the aim of representing a tool for research, selection and training of professionals in the…
Image for: Cartesio
giugno 2000

Descartes is a company that provides consulting services to 360 degrees. The project input network has followed an innovative path:…