Flyer communication offers counseling, services and products related to the ideation and realization of web projects, from contents, design, software development, creation and management of textual, photographic, video and interactive contents, up to the community and social network management.

Here you can find the hundreds of Flyer web projects since 1999:

Image for: ContestaRockHair – AIDS is not dead
novembre 2011

December 1 is the international day against AIDS. Every year, ContestaRockHair creates a campaign to support the recurrence. Flyer has…
Image for: PagineBaby Widget
aprile 2011

Widget development that lets search in PagineBaby network, on Facebook and soon also on iPhone.
Image for: MadeInKitchen: Sottotitolatrice Flash
aprile 2010

Creation of a Flash application that allows to insert subtitles in videos hosted within the community MadeinKitchen.
Image for: PagineBaby 2.0
dicembre 2009

The site of the new guide dedicated to the child has been completely revised both for the graphical information, as…
Image for: Pagine Baby OnLine
luglio 2008

Realization of the website for the new guide dedicated to the child. Site with a simple registration you can view…
Image for: Next Exit
giugno 2005

Since the April 2005 Flyer communication was invited by Next Exit to treat a new book on the Internet and…
Image for: Fuori le Mura – Web Site
aprile 2005

Design and development of the website for Outside the Walls, the monthly magazine of the young Roman territory that paper…
Image for: Iniziativa web
gennaio 2005

Design and implementation of the Initiative website, news agencies and social policy. The graphics are simple and elegant, offering articles…
Image for: 47thFloor Ecommerce
dicembre 2004

Setting up a form and Ecommerce Products for the reorganization of the Roman site of the library specializing in the…
Image for: Fuori le mura – Magazine
ottobre 2004

Outside the Walls is a new monthly advisory, fully realized and promoted by young people is distributed in the city…
Image for: PS Mania
dicembre 2003

And first experimental project of web presence for the magazine published by Psmania 2.0 Play Press Publishing, and dedicated to…
Image for: 47thFloor
novembre 2003

47THFLOOR is a library specialized in the field of visual arts. The primary need was to create a visually stunning…
Image for: Play Station Magazine
settembre 2003

Design and construction of an advertisement of 30 ‘for the magazine PlayStation Magazine.
Image for: PC Home
aprile 2003

Design and construction of an advertisement of 30 ‘for Home PC magazine.
Image for: DVD Review
aprile 2003

Design and construction of an advertisement of 30 ‘for DVD Review magazine.
Image for: Iniziativa
aprile 2003

Initiative is a monthly social and political information, sponsored by Lazio with the Democratic party La Margherita and distributed in…
Image for: Castelvecchi
gennaio 2000

Design and production printing of the catalog for the exhibition by Paul Sciuto, edited by Castelvecchi Art.