Uliveto 2006

Uliveto 2006

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Portfolio: Web & Mobile
maggio 2006

Olive Grove site redesign, already made by Flyer in 2001.
The redesign sees the bird, the star with Del Piero’s well known advertising campaign, as the unifying element of brand communication Uliveto online and offline.

A digital version of the famous bird accompanies So you navigate the new site Uliveto, taking shape not as a guide (the website is designed to be simple and clear, so that the user does not need special aids), but as a stimulus exploration of the sections and thread that incorporates a highly recognizable brand Uliveto in different communicative contexts (TV campaigns, print, radio, internet).

While the content of the various sections have remained largely unchanged, what has changed is the way to present information (eliminating all pop-up, reorganization of visual space, etc.) to make browsing more enjoyable and accessible. The site is in fact W3C compliant and has obtained the certificate for the third level of accessibility (AAA).