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From the experience of the Lab projects as FLxER, one of the first software to manage the live video and then from 2004 with LPM, now the largest event of Audio Visuals Performing Arts, Flyer is able to offer content and services for small and major events.

Live Visuals Profile

Turning passion and creativity into professional skills, is the mission of FLV – Flyer Live Visuals, which was created to bring together supply and demand in live video related services.

Live Visuals coordinates the activities of a large group of creative people on the international scene, and supports its customers in selecting the appropriate skills to achieve every goal.

For this, Live Visuals is a reference point in Italy for all professionals working within the field of visual communication, and artists in search of a channel to spread of their art.

Live Visuals Profile

FLV – Flyer Live Visuals is the new professional offer in visual communication, the only one in Italy totally focused on live video in its various applications. Live Visuals’ projects are born from the convergence between art and cutting edge technology, and result in a wide range of video solutions, ranging over contents production to set design of visual sceneries. Every work results from passion and decades of experience in the field of live video, vjing, visual communication, event organization. We work with experienced and creative people, from all over the world, to arrange quality audiovisual shows. Live Visuals works with experienced and creative people from international scene and we can produce audiovisual shows in various contexts and situations and contexts.

Advertising and promotion
Live Visuals offers solutions to advertise your business in an innovative and unconventional way, using alternative media. Interacting with customer needs, Live Visuals creatively reworks the brand identity and moved it on electronic screens, LCD monitors, plasma displays, LED panels, video walls and interactive monitors.

Events, conventions, meetings, openings, party
Live Visuals proposes ideas to enrich your event, through the creation of deeply emotional and fascinating visual sceneries: live visuals, video installations, audio-video performances, video-mapping operations.

Theater, show and entertainment
Live Visulas play with virtual digital sets interacting in real time with the content of the show and the actors, without relying on post-multimedia products and develops solutions for a smart video direction, dynamic and easy to manage in real time.

Culture, Institutions, Art
Live Visuals promotes and supports spreading of video art, through experimental projects born from the convergence of avant-garde art and new technologies.


Vj set
An unusual and innovative visual scenery that involves various creative languages: vector and bitmap graphics, photographs, movies, video recordings, texts. The vj-set is usually played with music like a kind of visive soundtrack during parties, meetings, conventions, openings, events. It can also be used to present contents in real time and in an alternative way to traditional slideshow presentation, or as an unusual video-reporting managed in real time.

Performances and audio-video installations
In an audio-video performance, the vjset is sinergistically connected to various forms of artistic expression, such as dance, theater, circus, body art; the result is a live show in which every component interacts each other, in a generative space of improvisation and freedom. Video installation is a site-specific artwork, designed and built specifically to suit situations and feelings and it represents the artistic goal of the artist.

Mapping – architectural video-projection
Large scale video projection, transforms architectural spaces into an immersive visual experience; the appearance of a static structure turns in an unexpected way,  through the interaction with elements of live video-animation. Currently ranks among the most innovative and experimental applications of live video, vjing and video art, the visual mapping can be understood in two ways: the most spectacular application, consists in changing the shape of a surface through the animation of some significant pre-existing elements of the architecture, in order to turn static elements into dynamic tools (such as open-close windows, demolition and reconstruction of the building, underscore or enlargement of architectural components). In the simplest version, the architecture is translated into an every-changing, unique video-canvas recording the relationship between visual content and architectural context.

Moments to explore and analyze themes and issues about live video. Besides the purely technical and practical aspects, relating to the use of different softwares and tools for creativity, our workshops are also focused on theoretical issues, relating to the various aspects of vjing.  Over the already proposed, Live Visuals can organize and plan further meetings, various in type and duration, about different topics.


Booking & Management
Live Visuals coordinates the activities of a large group of creative people on the international scene, and supports its clients in selecting the appropriate skills to achieve every goal. The activity of intermediation between the client and the video artist, includes the management of the professional relationship and the bureaucratic support to regulate the economic position of booked artists. The service, to the artists, is about the presentation of  the personal creative portfolio, to join, in a non-exclusive right way, Live Visuals’ artists catalog.

Live Visuals offers to the clients its expertise in ideation and design of concepts related to the use of live video. We suggest innovative and competitive solutions to the audiovisual and multimedia operators and to those that wish to use the communicative power of live video for commercial, cultural and entertainment purposes. We care about the whole organization and management of the work process: from selection of artists to the project design, till the final setup of the event.

Live Visuals offers to the client its decades experience in designing content-based video solutions. We deal with space and set design for video sceneries, project management and logistic assistance, forniture of hardware and software tools for transmission of reworked video contents in real time. Our projects born from the convergence between avant-garde art and cutting edge technologies and result in a wide range of video solutions, managed with skill and professionalism.

Live Visuals supports the promotion of your business with non-conventional and innovative communication strategies and the production of multimedia contents such as: video reportage and promos, viral web video, custom photo slideshows, websites, social networks activities with development of dedicated apps.

gennaio 21, 2017


febbraio, 24º 2018, 12:00 am | febbraio, 25º 2018, 12:00 am
February 24 - 25, 2018

Centrala, Birmingham United Kingdom, Birmingham, United Kingdom

The New Projectionists: VJing, AV Performance and Post-cinematic Projection

gennaio, 10º 2018, 12:00 am | gennaio, 20º 2018, 12:00 am
January 10 -20, 2018

Media Lab Prado, Madrid Spain, NH Collection Madrid Eurobuilding, Madrid Spain, Conde Duque Cultural Center, Madrid Spain, ASPA Contemporary Gallery, Madrid Spain, Madrid, Spain

Madatac 09
LPM 2015 > 2018

dicembre, 1º 2017, 10:30 am | dicembre, 9º 2017, 12:00 am
December 1 - 9, 2017

MACRO, Rome Italy, Rome, Italy

Fotonica 2017

novembre, 25º 2017, 3:00 pm | novembre, 25º 2017, 11:00 pm
November 25, 2017

Ateneu Popular 9 Barris, Barcelona Spain, Barcelona, Spain

NIT AV 3rd Edition

novembre, 18º 2017, 3:00 pm | novembre, 18º 2017, 11:59 pm
November 18, 2017

Seven - The Loft, Galway Ireland, Galway, Ireland

Cyberdelic Reality

novembre, 11º 2017, 10:00 pm | ottobre, 12º 2017, 4:00 am
November 11, 2017

Spin Times Labs, Rome Italy, Rome, Italy

DJ Food Selected Aphex Twin Works

novembre, 7º 2017, 12:00 am | novembre, 11º 2017, 12:00 am
November 7 - 11, 2017

Fabra i Coats, Barcelona Spain, Barcelona, Spain

MIRA 2017

novembre, 2º 2017, 12:00 am | dicembre, 5º 2017, 12:00 am
November 2 -5, 2017

Olsztyńskie Planetarium, Olsztyn Poland, Olsztyn, Poland


ottobre, 29º 2017, 3:00 pm | novembre, 5º 2016, 11:00 pm
October 29 - 5, 2017

Sala Conservas, Barcelona Spain, Barcelona, Spain

Automatismes Creatius amb RaspberryPi

ottobre, 27º 2017, 12:00 am | ottobre, 29º 2017, 12:00 am
October 27 -29, 2017

Eusebius Church, Arnhem 51.979067, Arnhem, 51.979067

Oddstream Exhibition 2017
LPM 2015 > 2018