The learning area is born from years of experience of Flyer in Audio Visuals Performing Arts events and web-mobile communication that has allowed the development of this new spin off relying on the preparation and practical experience of its teachers.

Learning Profile

The need, personally experienced the territory of Rome, to acquire staff with targeted and pragmatic skills, not only so theoretical and academic, she has been the occasion for the birth of this initiative. The goal is to train in a targeted and thorough and provide skills to meet the real needs of the market and the new generation professionalism.

The possibility of also providing a training offer to those who have the need to expand or implement their professionalism coming from a professional daily commitment has also born the series of evening classes and week ends workshops.

Flyer Communication, new media agency active in Rome since 1996, specializing in the development of services focused on communication and in the production and organization of experimental projects born from the convergence of cutting-edge art and new technologies.

In 2011 the Learning area of ​​Flyer was born.

The need to include people with practical experience on the Flyer field launches of Roma training courses on iphone, vvvv, low 5, 3ds, videomapping and new media in general. The courses taught by industry professionals seeking precisely to bridge the training gap that required a student to be really ready to work actively in a business or actually carry out their projects individually!

Flyer Communication, in addition to the cutting-edge work in the field of social networking and web communication and neo specialist training activities stands in live video field as an international reference point for VJs and video artists from around the world, thanks to the success the Lab projects like FLxER and LPM – Live Performers Meeting.

FLxER is a free software for mixing vector graphics, audio, video, text and interactive media, born in 2001 as a decisive instrument and natural response to the need to merge the expressive arts of a digital creative collective. FLxER.net is also a community of over 12,000 VJs and video artists who share their productions, more than 6000 videos, in a sort of video blog (www.flxer.net).

LPM – Live Performers Meeting, is an international meeting for artists, experts and enthusiasts veejaying, visual and live video performance, created in 2004 with the purpose of addressing the need for a space-time referential field where to meet, know each other and share experiences related to vJing. In one of its recent editions, LPM has hosted 382 artists from different countries of the world: Argentina, Australia, Austria, Bulgaria, Canada, Denmark, France, Germany, Greece, Ireland, Italy, Latvia, Macedonia, Mexico, Netherlands, Poland , Portugal, Czech Republic, Spain, United States, Sweden, Turkey, Hungary, United Kingdom, Uruguay, with 296 projects including performances, workshops and showcases.

January 22, 2017