Web & Mobile: #publishing

Flyer communication offers consulting, development, support and management of the online, mobile and social networks presence of organizations and companies: from concept and project, to design, to software development as to the creation and management of textual, photographic, video and interactive contents.

Image for: ContestaRockHair – AIDS is not dead
November 2011

December 1 is the international day against AIDS. Every year, ContestaRockHair creates a campaign to support the recurrence. Flyer has…
Image for: PagineBaby Widget
April 2011

Widget development that lets search in PagineBaby network, on Facebook and soon also on iPhone.
Image for: MadeInKitchen: Sottotitolatrice Flash
April 2010

Creation of a Flash application that allows to insert subtitles in videos hosted within the community MadeinKitchen.
Image for: PagineBaby 2.0
December 2009

The site of the new guide dedicated to the child has been completely revised both for the graphical information, as…
Image for: Next Exit
June 2005

Since the April 2005 Flyer communication was invited by Next Exit to treat a new book on the Internet and…
Image for: 47thFloor Ecommerce
December 2004

Setting up a form and Ecommerce Products for the reorganization of the Roman site of the library specializing in the…
Image for: Fuori le mura – Magazine
October 2004

Outside the Walls is a new monthly advisory, fully realized and promoted by young people is distributed in the city…
Image for: 47thFloor
November 2003

47THFLOOR is a library specialized in the field of visual arts. The primary need was to create a visually stunning…
Image for: Iniziativa
April 2003

Initiative is a monthly social and political information, sponsored by Lazio with the Democratic party La Margherita and distributed in…
Image for: Castelvecchi
January 2000

Design and production printing of the catalog for the exhibition by Paul Sciuto, edited by Castelvecchi Art.