Nat Geo Adventure

Nat Geo Adventure

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giugno 2007

”Nat Geo Adventure” is the new channel of adventure, travel and exploration, National Geographic Channels International (Ngci) available in over 40 countries worldwide. In Italy, the satellite channel “Adventure One” to “Nat Geo Adventure” on channel 404 on Sky.

At the site “Adventure One” has been Renewed graphics, in line with the new brand, and adjusted the interface. The site of Nat Geo have implemented additional functionality compared to A1, which consists of a rating system, or the collective vote of blog posts through which registered users will be able to vote on other posts users.

Despite being made entirely in Flash, the site conforms to the standards of the W3C (World Wide Web Consortium) on the presentation of content and their accessibility.

The site is therefore accessible to all by every type of device (phones, PDAs, text browsers), accessibility of content also promotes the visibility of the same by the search engines and their consequent optimal indexing.