Nat Geo Adventure 2.0

Nat Geo Adventure 2.0

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giugno 2008

"Nat Geo Adventure" is the channel of adventure, travel and exploration, National Geographic Channels International (Ngci), also available in Italy on Sky Channel 404.

The site has been completely revised both in setting the structure of graphical information, the greater community and priviliegiando videoblog compared to schedule and channel information (still present).

The dual-interface Flash / HTML was dropped to adopt a solution inserts HTML with Flash. Were also implemented many new features, such as the possibility for the user to have a registered address dedicated to your own page ( / username), so as to more easily turn their video and travel accounts, and again, the opportunity to subscribe to RSS feeds of a single user, in addition to the general community. It was also designed a new video player, you have changed the rating system to make it more immediate and effective, and create new sections that will allow the Editor to create the themes of travel with the videos of people (Travel), and a breakdown of Uploads in channels (Channels).