MissSixty autumn/winter 07

MissSixty autumn/winter 07

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Portfolio: Web & Mobile
agosto 2007

Realization Edition Fall / Winter Site on graphics Fadda Studio.

The site, despite being made entirely in Flash technology, it is both standards-compliant W3C (World Wide Web Consortium) on the presentation of content and their accessibility.

Accessibility refers to the ability of all users to access information regardless of the technologies for network access and disability.

The realization of this goal was made possible by the development within an innovative and Flyer particular technique that involves the use of Flash as a stylesheet (CSS as Flash). This way you can get sites with animation and high-impact presentations, without sacrificing usability and accessibility extended content. Moreover, this technical development provides an excellent positioning of the site content in search engines, something previously unthinkable for a site developed in Flash.

The site is visible, as well as Flash animations, even text-only browser, as a reader for the blind, from handheld and mobile phone.