iFLxER Player

iFLxER Player

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iFLxER player lets you play on your iPhone and iPad your FLxER.net Playlists.

You can play these file formats:
– AVI, MOV, MPG, MP4, F4V, M4V, MPEG (h.264 only)

To create a playlist and add files you must go to flxer.net and login with your FLxER account. If you don’t have a FLxER account yet, register now: https://flxer.net/controlpanel/new/

Once you have your account, here’s how to create a playlist and see its content on your mobile device:
1) From flxer.net, load files as footage
2) Add the footage files to a playlist
3) Go back to your iFLxER player and select add files

That’s it! Happy vjing :)