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Portfolio: Web & Mobile
ottobre 2006

CULT, renewed image and scheduling, is proposed as a television entertainment, expression of the culture of our time, presented to the public perspectives and visions of our time on this page.

The project was focused on the creation of the website of the television channel, along with customization Ecode publishing platform, which allows the inclusion of all self-updating content by the editors of the channel.

Alongside the traditional navigation through the menu, was made available a content rating for TAG, which can be explored through this one. There is also an area community where users can sign up to leave comments on the site and take advantage of special initiatives.

Despite being made entirely in Flash, the site conforms to the standards of the W3C (World Wide Web Consortium) on the presentation of content and their accessibility.
The site is therefore accessible to all by every type of device (phones, PDAs, text browsers), accessibility of content also promotes the visibility of the same by the search engines and their consequent optimal indexing.