Adventure One

Adventure One

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Portfolio: Web & Mobile
maggio 2006

Adventure One is a thematic channel of Fox Italy, offering adventure travel and exploration.

The central idea for the development of the site was to create a video community, with users uploading their videos and travels. The point of the site is to provide an opportunity to make known travel stories to a bigger audience.

Along with the traditional menu navigation and tags, the site features a world map that can be explored on several levels of content, for example, you can search all videos that are set in a specific area of the world.

Although it was made entirely in Flash, the site conforms to the standards of the W3C (World Wide Web Consortium) on the presentation of content and accessibility.

The site is therefore accessible to all by every type of device (mobile phones, PDAs, text browsers), content accessibility also promotes the visibility of the same by the search engines and their consequent optimal indexing.