Portfolio: Live Visuals
aprile, 4º 2013, 12:00 am | aprile, 21º 2013, 12:00 am
April 4 - 21, 2013

MAK - Austrian Museum of Applied Arts / Contemporary Art, Wien Austria, TOP kino, Wien Austria, Hotel am Brillantengrund, Wien Austria, Wien, Austria

brut Bar &amp, brut im Künstlerhaus Wien, brut im Künstlerhaus, Morisson Club &amp, Bar Wien, Bar, fluc &amp, fluc_wanne Wien, fluc_wanne, Wien


The sound:frame festival 2013, entitled «collective», will deal with networks, artist collectives, interdisciplinary teamwork, and international collaborations. Taking the «collective» as this year’s key subject is, in some respect, a continuation of the 2012 festival focus, «substructions».

Cooperation, collectively realized visions, and collaborative work in a collective are important components of the substructure of creative production. Based on this concept, the collective is significant especially in the context of sound:frame and its international community, and shall therefore be examined more closely in 2013. sound:frame sees itself as a collective which works and acts both as a compact team and as a global community and platform. Audiovisual artists generally work in collective productions, be it in the shape of live performances or installations. In this discipline solo artists are a rare exception. Visual artists work with musicians and artists from other areas; VJs give joint performances with DJs; and then again interior architects, graphic designers as well as technicians and programmers are all part of collectives. The collective is inherent in any audiovisual and intercreative productive process.