Portfolio: Live Visuals
marzo, 25º 2011, 3:00 pm | aprile, 9º 2011, 11:00 pm
March 25 - April 9, 2011

Ottakringer Brauerei, Wien Austria, Daswerk, Wien Austria, Market, Wien Austria, Filmmuseum, Wien Austria, Wien, Austria


In 2011, the sound:frame festival will celebrate its fifth birthday, and will deal with the core theme perFORMance theoretically and artistically. For a long time, visual implementations were mostly observed through formal and aesthetic aspects. sound:frame wants to put an emphasis on the process-like character of live performances, and address the real-time development of content and form.

In visual arts, “performance” has been discussed for a couple of years now. Based on a general discourse of performances, sound:frame tries to investigate the development of performative approaches in audio:visual art and shows an interest in different approaches to making electronic music performances and the process-like nature of visualization.

In both music and visual media, formally aesthetic parameters evolve steadily. The examination’s point of focus is the attempt to bring two different ways of approaching visualization face to face – mixing of video-content on the one hand and programming of live generated visuals on the other. What are the consequences of the approach for the respective live performance? Is a computer an actual instrument or does it solely function as a tool? Why is it important to distinguish between a DJ and an audio live act?

Which influence these developments have on the interplay of sound and visual media will continue be the most important question. What’s the difference between the improvised interaction of musician and visualist and the collaboratively acquired AV-act?

In 2011, the sound:frame program will again offer space for both improvised performances and custom-designed AV-concepts.

Like during last year’s festival theme “dimensions”, space is once again a very important aspect in 2011. Spatial FORMs are occupied performatively, spatial sculptures are designed as extraordinary projection surfaces, while at the same time functioning as a platform and hosting live performances. There will be real time audio:visual performances on these installations.