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July, 4th 2019, 12:00 pm | July, 7th 2019, 11:59 pm
4 - 7 July, 2019

Eni Village, Borca di Cadore Italy, Borca di Cadore, Italy

Second edition of SIMPOSIO in the ENI Village of Borca di Cadore (BL) from the 4th to 7th July by the NONE collective

SIMPOSIO is a programme of activities, meetings, performances, and installations that aim at triggering a public debate and encouraging a reflection on the contemporary reality and its perceptive, cognitive, social, and economic implications.

After the first Roman experiment, this year’s Symposium moves to ENI Village of Borca di Cadore (BL), an utopian project of the post-war, located in the heart of the Dolomites, which was born in the mind of visionary Enrico Mattei and realized by the architect Edoardo Gellner.

SIMPOSIO is three days of shared activities within the village spaces, thus repopulating the wooden huts of the camping, reactivating the canteen service and using the wonderful spaces in the colony. Three days during which a community of willing people will face the mountain environment, the artistic practice, the practical analysis, the utopia. Three days in which artists and intellectuals will share ideas and thoughts and will deal with the need to shape a common model, starting from the village.

The purpose of the SIMPOSIO is to create a real community by stimulating the perception, critical analysis and deep thought to try create new models for understanding the contemporary and for formulating new worlds. Coming out of one’s perceptive bubble, far from the comfort of Google, we will try to propose new ideas of society.

SIMPOSIO is not a festival, is a non-profit initiative that requires participation: there’s no spectator.

Every day, inside the Colony Main Room, will be held a Simposio with artists, intellectuals, researchers, writers, communicators, hackers triggering a network and a reflection on the digital contemporary situation and its perceptive, cognitive, social, and economic implications.

Inside the Colony Main Room and in the Camping Great Hut lives and performances of numerical and digital arts will be set up.

The indoor spaces of the Colony and the outdoor ones of the Borca di Cadore Utopian Village will host site-specific installations by the Simposio guest artists.

Each participant can propose a workshop that will be held in a self-managed fashion, if it is in line with Simposio themes and if it can count on minimum 8 participants.

NONE collective is a Rome-based artistic collective moving along the boundaries of art, design and technological research. It was founded by Gregorio De Luca Comandini, Mauro Pace, Saverio Villirillo.
NONE is a physical and conceptual space developing cross-media projects that interpret the current conditions of living in a digital society. NONE uses technology, architecture, and narration to catch people in immersive experiences, interpreting the eternal dilemmas of the mankind, tales dealing with the uncertainty of answerless questions, the difficulty of telling what is authentic from what is not. NONE explores the boundaries of identity, awareness, and perception and produces experiences investigating on the relations between numbers and nature, artificial and human, memory and imagination, autonomy and thought.

The application opens on the 19th of March.
More information and apply here:

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