Resonate Festival 2016

Resonate Festival 2016

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aprile, 12º 2016, 12:00 am | aprile, 16º 2016, 12:00 am
April 12 - 16, 2016

Parobrod, Belgrade Serbia, Belgrade, Serbia

Resonate is back to celebrate its fifth anniversary bringing fresh insights into the current developments in the fields of digital culture, visual arts and music.
With exclusive LIVE performances by Squarepusher/Omar Souleyman/Holly Herndon/Hans-Joachim Roedelius /Pierre Bastien /Dopplereffektand many more.

Guest artists, designers, researchers & educators will participate in a forward-looking debate on the position of technology in art and culture.

Participants of #res16 #Conference include:

Nicholas Felton, Moment Factory, Chris Sugrue, Alex Evans (Media Molecule), Romain Tardy, Kimchi And Chips, Murat Pak, Atau Tanaka, Daniel Hirschmann, Phoenix Perry, Rebecca Fiebrink, Artists & Engineers, Domestic Data Streamers, Ishac Bertran, Bethany Koby (Technology Will Save Us), Darran Anderson, Andreas Müller, Karsten Schmidt, Neil Mendoza, Darsha Hewitt, Jonathan Wohl, Random Studio, Pe Lang, Memo Akten, James Auger, Shane Walter, onedotzero, Jakob Bak (CIID), Dennis P Paul (HfK), Joreg (vvvv), Cathrine Kramer, Playmodes, Kevin Walker (RCA), Daniel Sciboz (HEAD), Gael Hugo (ECAL) + Many more.

RESONATE 2016 #Live acts:

Omar Souleyman
Holly Herndon
Hans-Joachim Roedelius
Rashad Becker
Ninos Du Brasil
Daniel Miller
Pierre Bastien
Jan Nemecek
+ many more TBA


FREE WORKSHOPS AT RESONATE 2016: At its educational core, Resonate offers a wide variety of Workshops. Applications for Resonate 2016 workshops are now open. These workshops are #FREE for Resonate 2016 ticket holders.

Applications close 11th of March 2016 at 7PM CET.

Resonate 2016 #Workshops include:

*Machine Learning for Artists, Musicians, Gamers and Makers by Phoenix Perry and Rebecca Fiebrink
*Making Visible the Data Spectrum Waving Around Us by Félicien Goguey (HEAD)
*Openframe + Shaders by Ishac Bertran, John Wohl and Patriciop Gonzalez Vivo
*Projection Mapping on People by Elliot Woods and with support by Orbbec
*Algorithmic Control of Light by Playmodes
*Cheap, FAT and Open Synth by Jakob Bak (CIID) and Dennis P. Paul (HfK)
*Digital Dance Exploration by Andreas Müller
*Duration by Mimi Son, The Sound of Matter by Rudi Punzo, *Crazy Fast Graphics: Intro to GLSL Programming by Jaume Sánchez and Ricardo Cabello (mr.doob)
*Build and hack your own Modular Synth by Razmasynth.

In addition to the regular workshops, Resonate 2016 offers a set of intensive workshops which provide participants with deep understanding of the subjects. These workshops cost 150-250 EUR and places are available at first come first serve basis.

Resonate 2016 #IntensiveWorkshops include:

*Wear Your Tech by Daniel Hirschmann
*Embedded Music: Baremetal ARM programming with by Karsten Schmidt
*Next Generation Visual Programming with VL by Elias Holzer and Sebastian Gregor (NODE, vvvv)
*Volt, Amp, Synth & Sound by Joshua Noble
*Building a Universe for M-O: A 28-iPad Sculpture by Travis Kirton and Logic&Form.

See you Apr 12-16th in Belgrade!