Radar 2019 Hotel Butterfly

Radar 2019 Hotel Butterfly

Portfolio: Live Visuals
giugno, 19º 2019, 6:00 pm | giugno, 20º 2019, 3:00 am
June 19, Rome

Hotel Butterfly, Rome Italy, Rome, Italy

The third season appointment for Analphabeat at the Hotel Butterfly is dedicated to the sense of touch, to the skin, to the largest organ of our body.
Through the sense of touch, men are able to perceive stimuli from the outside with extraordinary precision, protecting themselves, getting to know each other, leading a pleasure and a pain, impressing in their memory the widest range of emotions that the body is able to record .

Our senses, come from remote communication devices, collect and transform impulses and frequencies from the world around us.

We amplify the signals, react to the impulses, tune in to the same frequencies.

Our Guests:

> Giulio Maresca LIVE/VINYL SET
> Lo-Fi District LIVE
> Simone Di Maria HYBRID SET

> Ipologica + FLxER // “ONN PEOPLE”

music & concept: Ipologica
visual & technology: FLxER