Playground AV 2013 I Kick Off Event

Playground AV 2013 I Kick Off Event

Portfolio: Live Visuals
aprile, 20º 2013, 3:00 pm | aprile, 21º 2013, 4:00 am
April 20, 2013

Kulturwerk Sakog, Trimmelkam Austria, Trimmelkam, Austria

Playground AV 2013 |  Kick Off Event 


Special Guest: Anthony Rother live (Datapunk Francoforte)
with the new album “Traumzeitreise” and a special projectiondesign & live visual set by 4youreye

Eric Fischer (Danubio Rave)
Patrick Testor (, Kein Theater, Wien)
Max Schell (Love, Kein Theater)

AV Performances
Uton Live

Performance Art
j / zemmler (liveperformance) e 4youreye / “c’est Parti” – A voyage into and out of the noise
from h. 9.00 pm

Special Guest VJ: Blackdata (Amburgo / Germania)
4youreye(Vienna / A) 4youreye
Onkel Tuca aka Netzteil, Dornröschen (Vienna / A), 5Takt (Vienna / A), Tim Vis (B-Seiten Festival / D), Videoten (Vienna / A), Lampenschirm (Vienna / A), Neonrost (Vienna / A)

Analogue Installation
Udo Kapeller (Vienna / A)

Digital Installation

Joris de Jong – Resolume Arena
Start h. 4.00 pm

Playground AV is an event for everyone interested in all things visuals, vjing, djing, video- and music production and AV. It is a place for exchange, an audio-visual playground, a melting pot of vjs, djs, bands, programmers, software designers, hardware producer, technicians, light designers, enthusiasts, freaks and nerds from all over the world.

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