Patchlab 2015 | LPM 2015 > 2018

Patchlab 2015 | LPM 2015 > 2018

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Portfolio: Live Visuals
ottobre, 6º 2015, 12:00 am | ottobre, 11º 2015, 12:00 am
October 6 - 11,2015

Contemporary Art Gallery Bunkier Sztuki, Krakow Poland, Manggha Museum of Japanese Art, Krakow Poland, Forum Przestrzenie, Krakow Poland, Krakow, Poland

IV Edition of the international Digital Art Festival PATCHlab takes place in Krakow, Poland from 6-11 of October 2015. Artists from Germany, Austria, Belgium, Italy, Spain, Holland, Poland, United Kingdom, USA and Mexico will present their works, among them the Belgian label ANTIVJ, Electric Indigo from Vienna, international art group Stratofyzika from Berlin and Lee Gamble of the label PAN.

During PATCHlab the science and art collaborate for special audiovisual creations, using new technologies, coding, programming, open-source tools and techniques – Elwira Wojtunik, the Art Director explains the idea of the festival. Past edition was dedicated to interactivity. Data analyzing, multidimensionality of information, intelligent electronics, transformation and perspectives of machines, co-creating of electronic and physical spaces – are the main topics of PATCHlab 2015.

Program of the festival includes exhibition of new media installations, interactive spectacle, media labs, audiovisual live-acts, performances and DJ/VJ sets during two special AV Nights. PATCHlab is taking place in a few venues such as the Contemporary Art Gallery Bunkier Sztuki and Manggha Museum of Japanese Art and Technology, Gallery i! and Forum Przestrzenie.

Installations with will be exhibited are based on such techniques as mapping, projections, generative art, coding, intelligent electronics programming, 3D printing and other interdisciplinary genres: the philosophical installation, Mécaniques Discursives made by the well-known Belgian label ANTIVJ, kinetic installation Echoooooooo designed by Warsaw’s collective PanGenerator, 3D installation-sculpture based on mathematical formula of Ernő’s Rubika’s pupil, interactive spectacle Thaeta by Berlin’s group Stratofyzika based on symbiosis of contemporary dance with sounds and visuals. On the festival there will be shown also the audiovisual project Morpheme, which had its world premiere at CTM 2015 in Berlin, performed live by Vienna’s producer Electric Indigo in collaboration with Thomas Wagensommerer. On AV Night II there will be Lee Gamble among other great DJs and VJ from Poland and abroad.

– Artists provide workshops and media labs as well. During the past edition such meetings were concentrated on techniques which underpin projects presented on the festival. This year there are workshops about 3D printing and common strategies of visual arts and generative music compositions – Elwira Wojtunik said.

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