Notte Bianca Sapienza 2019

Notte Bianca Sapienza 2019

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June, 20th 2019, 3:00 pm | June, 22nd 2019, 4:00 am
June 20 - 21, Rome

La Sapienza, Rome Italy, Rome, Italy

On June 20th and 21 takes place the edition 12 of Notte Bianca della Sapienza, produced and organized by the Collectives and the Assembly of Sapienza University Students, to offer a long night full of experimentation and independent cultural production.

An event that opens the doors of the university town for a day of independent cultural experimentation and re-appropriation of spaces, participation and sociality in support of the legal expenses of the student movement. A night that intersects global resistance and self-production, lived and animated by the vibrations and waves of controversy of movements that oppose neoliberalism and the multiple faces of violence that we would like to set daily on our lives.

The white night of the students this year is “sui generis”, crossed by the global feminist tides that over the last few months filled the squares of Europe and the World, from Argentina to Poland, from the United States to Italy, and then joined Ideally and materially with the great transnational strike on 8 March.

Debates, music, theater, exhibitions, projections and many artists, which, starting from 16.00 pm, will perform in the yards of Sapienza University, to support – for free – the legal costs of complaints and criminal proceedings which have been severely affected students in the past years.

LPM is actively participating in the event with 2 video installations by the students of videomapping and digital scenography of Fusolab School.