MIRA Berlin 2016

MIRA Berlin 2016

Portfolio: Live Visuals
giugno, 11º 2016, 6:00 pm | giugno, 11º 2016, 12:00 am
June 11, 2016

Funkhaus, Berlin Germany, Berlin, Germany

MIRA Berlin, to be held on Saturday June 11 in the Funkhaus landmark building, former seat of the radio of the Democratic Republic of Germany, announced important part of their programming. All shows of the first Berlin festival is characterized by an element of novelty, either because artists present new album or because it is the first time operating in the city. MIRA Berlin will be a day more than 15 hours around the digital arts.

MIRA Berlin will occupy three spaces magnificent historic building, symbol of German institutional design, located east of the city and next to the River Spree: the Kultursaal,  Recording Hall 1 and Hall 2. Recording addition, the MIRA Dome will be installed on the outside the enclosure.

The festival will close its programming coming with lectures and screenings. Now comes a small number of tickets on sale at a special price of 25 euros via the web at www.mirafestivalberlin.com

In addition, MIRA Berlin will host an intensive three-day workshop (8, 9 and 10 June) on the creation and immersive projection 360 Fulldome structures. The practical part of the workshop will be held at the MIRA Dome, installed outside the Funkhaus.


Andy Stott (UK) – Iglooghost (UK) – Kode9 x Lawrence Lek present The Nøtel (UK/DE) – Kuedo + Werkflow (DE/UK) – Kyson (DE) – Lone + Konx-om-Pax (UK) – Onionlab (ES) – Pfadfinderei (DE) – Ralp + Lasal (ES) – Sunny Graves (ES) – Takami Nakamoto & Sébastien Benoits present REFLECTIONS (FR) – The Field (SE) – BSYNTHOME, by Yro & Transforma (FR/DE) – Tundra present Hyperjump (RU) – Vessel + Pedro Maia (UK/PT)

Mira Dome, immersive dome premiered at the 2015 Barcelona and dedicated to projections and surround sound 360 , will host the audiovisual show of the Barcelona artist Ralph , who for the occasion will work with the visual artist living in Berlin, Lasal , with which will create a unique show that premiered in Berlin MIRA . MIRA Dome also be the place where lectures and screenings , activities will be confirmed soon be held .

Info: http://www.mirafestivalberlin.com/