MIRA 2017

MIRA 2017

Portfolio: Live Visuals
novembre, 7º 2017, 12:00 am | novembre, 11º 2017, 12:00 am
November 7 - 11, 2017

Fabra i Coats, Barcelona Spain, Barcelona, Spain

MIRA is a digital arts festival based on three connected areas: exhibition, divulgation and education, and is held anually in Barcelona (since 2011) and Berlin (since 2016). Focused on digital culture and technology’s new trends, the festival has a program where both classic and fulldome audiovisual shows, art installations, 3D sound shows, fulldome screenings, conferences, presentations and workshops can be found.

The seventh edition of the festival -where we are premiering the 3D Sound Room by SON Estrella Galicia, a second stage focused on our vision of current oriented-to-dance electronic music, will also have audiovisual shows, DJ sets, five large-scale installations, VJ sets, conferences, and five 360º videoart screenings in MIRA Dome by adidas Originals.

Installations and 360º screenings will be exhibited permanently during the 3 days of the festival. On Thursday, November 9, we will open doors with conferences, the fulldome AV show from DJohnston + Marcel Bago; and, in the main stage, the AV shows from Darío Alva + Diego Navarro, patten and Visible Cloaks.

On Friday, November 10 the 3D Sound Room by SON Estrella Galicia will start to beat musically with the shows from Khidja, Pumarejo, Skygaze, Tolouse Low Trax and Vril. And the main stage will be audiovisual territory for the shows from Ash Koosha, Espinoza, James Holden and The Animal Spirits, Julianna Barwick, Powell, Suso Saiz with visuals by Human Produce, The Bug vs Dylan Carlson of Earth and Tzusing’s DJ Set with visuals by Onionlab.

And on Saturday, November 11 we will close the festival with an equally powerful menu that will have, on the main stage, the AV shows from Emptyset, Dedekind Cut + Micki Pellerano, m-Ziq with visuals by Florence To, Paranoid London, Shackleton + Anika with visuals by Pedro Maia, Shoeg, Visionist (also with visuals by Pedro Maia) and William Basinski. And in the 3D Sound Room by SON Estrella Galicia: Edward, Essaie pas, Ferenc, Kelly Lee Owens, Màgia Roja and Voiski.

See the full program here.