MIRA 2013

MIRA 2013

Portfolio: Live Visuals
novembre, 14º 2012, 5:00 pm | novembre, 16º 2012, 12:00 am
November 14 -16, 2013

Centre de Cultura Contemporània, Barcelona Spain, Barcelona, Spain

MIRA Lab reunites for three days technology and live visual artists and collectives

9 workshops, 3 conferences, 3 debates, 2 AV shows, screenings, performances and competitions, in the first edition of MIRA LAB, the bet of MIRA 2013 to promote the exchange of knowledge among all those involved in the creative industry and new media.

During the next November 14th, 15th and 16th, artists, developers and collectives specialized in research and training of real-time visual arts, will meet at Centre de Cultura Contemporània of Barcelona (CCCB).

This is one of the bets of MIRA 2013 to promote the exchange of knowledge among all those involved in the creative industry, an international event that encourages participants to face each other, emphasizing processes and creativity through innovative activities.

All activities from each day correspond to one different topic:

  • Space and Projection: Thursday, 14th
  • Creative Programming: Friday, 15th
  • Interactivity: Saturday, 16th

All focused to learn, show and share the fusion between art and technology.

MIRA Lab Programme:

Thursday 14th, Friday 15th and Saturday 16th, MIRA Lab Philippe Chaurand (creator of Millumin software), Yannick Jacquet (artist of AntiVJ label), )Ewelina Aleksandrowicz iAndrzej Wojta (Pussykrew), Luca Carrubba (Esterotips), Fausto Morales (Slidemedia Lab), Miguel Espada and Juan Santacruz (Espadaysantacruz), Eloi Maduell (Playmodes), Arturo Castro (OpenFrameworks), Kike Ramirez (vjspain), Santi Vilanova (Playmodes  Alex Posada (MID), Jaume Sánchez (Clicktorelease), Juan Coll (Mediaflow), Oriol Pastor(Telenoika), Daniel Gonzalez and Luis Sanz, and collectives vjspain, SENSE, Telenoika, Dorkbot, Visual Brasil, 9ard; and the AV shows of Electronic Performers andNOBU_LAB. In total, more than 25 experts, between artists, developers and collectives from Spain and abroad, specialized in technology and real time visuals.

You can view the complete programme sorted by activities and days here:


AV shows open to the public

With the objective of promoting and spreading the different disciplines of visual arts related with experimentation, MIRA Lab programs on Thursday, 14th, in the Theatre room of CCCB, two shows open to the public:

  • Electronic Performers present Trinity, an interactive audiovisual dance project produced by Oscar Sol, Iris Heitzinger and Ramon Prada, that builds a functional dialogue between the elements of movement, sound and visuals.
  • NOBU_LAB (Paola Roberti, Manfredi Borseti and Andrea Giomi) present IN-STRUCTURE/MOOGGER FOGGER, a show where music is highly physical and full of textures due to the use of analogic/digital electronic instruments and field recordings, creating in this sense an instrospective and darky experience.

MIRA 2013

MIRA Lab is integrated into MIRA, Music & Visual Arts Festival which celebrates its third edition with the aim of involving different areas of the city with one goal: transform Barcelona into the capital of Visual Arts. Research, concerts, exhibitions, installations and visual projects in three days (November 14th,15th and 16th) and three different spaces: CCCB (MIRA Lab), Fabra i Coats (MIRA) and Razzmatazz (MIRA Club).

Tickets on sale

There are 3 different types

  • Day tickets for MIRA Lab’s activities.
  • MIRA LAB PASS for the three days of activities.
  • MIRA Festival GENERAL PASS for all activities of MIRA Lab, MIRA FESTIVAL and MIRA CLUB.

More information on ticket sales: www.mirafestival.com/tickets