Lunchmeat 2012

Lunchmeat 2012

Portfolio: Live Visuals
marzo, 19º 2012, 12:00 am | marzo, 24º 2012, 12:00 am
March 19 - 24,2012

International centre of contemporary art MeetFactory, Prague Czech Republic, Bio Oko, Prague Czech Republic, NoD, Prague Czech Republic, Prague, Czech Republic

3rd Lunchmeat festival – “Audiovisual Extragavanza”

Lunchmeat is an international festival of electronic music, visual art and new media based in Prague, Czech Republic. The main feature of the festival is to keep a balance between musician and visualizer, to let them perform in an organic connection; visuals and sound as equal elements.

Lunchmeat festival has been always trying to find the real quality. Ambition of Lunchmeat festival is to bring new names and innovative projects on the scene and support the community around electronic music and visual art on international level.

So far, three artistic resident stays in two years of Lunchmeat festival existence have been organized. Unique stage design and visual show which is the most characteristic element of the festival arised during them. In addition, more than 30 audiovisual sets (created by more than 50 artists from 15 countries across the continents) have passed. Festival have offered series of lectures and workshops directly from the performers, film projections, interactive installations and city happenings – those tried to mediate an artistic experience to regular pedestrians.

Lunchmeat festival would love to mediate the same quality to its audience in Czech Republic as other similarly focused events do in Europe – such as Soundframe in Vienna, Transmediale in Berlin, Mapping in Geneva or OFFF which is hosted all around Europe.


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