LPM @ Percentomusica

LPM @ Percentomusica

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maggio, 19º 2012, 12:00 am | maggio, 19º 2012, 4:00 am
gennaio 14, 2017

Percentomusica, Rome Italy, Rome, Italy

The biggest news that has Percentomusica for 2012 is Young Musicians play Europe (YouMe), a unique and innovative project designed to spread a completely new vision of the jazz culture.

The project is characterized by a strong European role in that it is based on the design and coordination by the Centre for Education in Art Percentomusica (Rome) of two prestigious international partners such as the Fundacja Jazzarium (Warsaw), organizer of the Warsaw Summer Jazz Days, and the International Association of Schools of Jazz (IASJ) based in the Hague and co-ordinated by the Royal Conservatory.

The main aim of the YouMe project is to spread in musical field a new culture of improvisation, offering two opportunities for music students to approach innovative multidisciplinary teaching and the real opportunity to put them into practice in prestigious international festivals that follow the tuitions.

Among the various performing art collaborations, Percentomusica collaborates with LPM Live Performers Meeting, to offer its young musicians the opportunity to meet and approach to the techniques and languages ​​used by the live video performers, in which improvisation has always been a distinctive feature with a particular view on the world of vJing, thanks to the clinic that Gianluca Del Gobbo (Flyer Communication, LPM) will be held May 19 to Percentomusica.

From July 18 to 22 will take place then the Italian International Week at the Casa del Jazz in Rome and will be a full immersion of events dedicated to the artistic language “improvised”.