LPM 2016 Ghedi | Vibra fest

LPM 2016 Ghedi | Vibra fest

Portfolio: Live Visuals
giugno, 27º 2015, 11:00 am | giugno, 29º 2015, 4:00 am
June 27 - 28, 2015

Florida, Ghedi Italy, Ghedi, Italy

VIBRA is an event linked to contemporary art, music, education and new trends in general, connecting various artists with the aim of making “vibrate” different disciplines in the name of creativity.

LPM brings 3 of the best Italian VJs for the 2 nights with a annular screen set up:

The main purpose of this event is to spread culture on Lake Garda and surroundings. VIBRA aims to become a Festival to promote the best national offers, to make the province of Brescia and Lake Garda one of the most important cultural promoters of the Country. In VIBRA find their place all the forms of artistic, cultural and educational expressions that contain the fundamental elements to characterise the “unique” and non-serial production, and to sustain curiosity, energy and imagination for the nourishment of knowledge (and awareness).

The common thread of VIBRA is interaction. Interaction between music, videos, brushes, spray, lighting, words, colours, textiles, motions and material to produce a unique and synergic artistic movement,ready to interact with the audience to transfer it to a new emotional and sensory experience.

VIBRA events will take place every four months and will be produced by Magma, a communication,marketing and event agency working on the diffusion of contemporary art, music, education and avant-garde culture at 360 degrees in our territory. Its partnership with agencies, collectives, national and international artists over the past fifteen years has developed innumerable artistic events.

we love Art, we love Music, we are VIBRA!