LPM 2015 @ Urban-map

LPM 2015 @ Urban-map

Portfolio: Live Visuals
marzo, 21º 2015, 7:00 pm | marzo, 22º 2015, 11:00 pm
March 21 - 22, 2015

Tor Sapienza, Rome Italy, Rome, Italy

LPM participates to Urban-map, festival dedicated to the new frontiers of digital art, applied to architecture and urban space.

Urban_map will give a different overview of the urban areas of  Tor Sapienza during the weekend of the spring equinox, with multisensory installations, architectural projection mapping and an exclusive concert on the road.

The artists of the french collective Coin and the musician Nohista will present a unique premiere bringing 256 helium filled balloons that, enlightened by inner led, will dance with the wind to create a wonderful “magical” effect.

The music of Errichetta Underground, well known roman orchestra, will bring their sound from klezmer and Balkan influences in an innovative concert on the road.

On Saturday,  from 19.oo to 23.00, LPM presents the roman collective Neocortex, who will animate the facade of the church of Tor Sapienza  with a mapping projection, by creating an high impact performance and synergy of colors, sounds, lights and images .

Urban_map transform the entire space of the urban complex of Ater Tor Sapienza in an innovative open-space  arena, a place of dialogue between some of the most innovative artistic languages.