LPM 2015 @ PiùVolume

LPM 2015 @ PiùVolume

Portfolio: Live Visuals
febbraio, 27º 2015, 12:00 am | febbraio, 28º 2015, 12:00 am
February 27 - 28, 2015

Città dell'Altra Economia, Roma Italy, Roma, Italy

LPM attends the first edition of PiùVolume , the physical place of a virtual square that amplifies the aspirations, passions, creativity.

Founded by the Association Bluecheese Project active since 2000, this digital platform consists of the connection between popular social network and communicates with the creatives of the territory of Rome. Music, video and photography becomes a way of find a new overlook, to discover and build something good together.

PiùVolume looks at new and original productions, the site piuvolume.com is a wall that provides an overview of current activities in different dedicated social pages, where creative people of Rome share their artistic projects.

PiùVolume periodically launch a”Call”, which became basically an event. These days will be the result of all the activities shared on the web: an opportunity to build synergies, know and recognize.  Music, video, photography, these are the three categories protagonists of the two evenings of 27 and 28 February at Città dell’ Altra Economia in Rome (Testaccio).

The CALL for the first event PiùVolume is now OPEN! 

Participate! The theme of the video challenge is ” My favourite place in Rome”. You have to post a video of max 3 min in the dedicated FB PAGE or send an email to info@piuvolume.com until 20th February 2015.

Until February  20,  your creativity will be in the foreground on all pages of the social platform PiùVolume.

The works shared during the call are voted online by users, then a jury specific for each section (music, video, photo), will decide the finalists who will participate in the exhibitions.

Project partners and members of the jury for the music is Soundreef, the system of management of music most advanced  in Europe, the first real alternative to SIAE company that is revolutionizing the management system of royalties.
For video productions the jury is LPM.
For photography Instagramers Rome, the local collective of Instagramers Italy, a community which now boasts over 150 million users worldwide.

Show us your amazing city of Rome and win! See you at PiùVolume!