LPM 2015 @ Periferica #artisact

LPM 2015 @ Periferica #artisact

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febbraio, 16º 2015, 10:00 am | febbraio, 21º 2015, 4:00 am
February 16 - 21, 2015

Fusolab 2.0, Rome Italy, Rome, Italy

LPM attends the first edition of Periferica #ArtIsAct, the interactive and digital arts festival organized by the Fusolab that will take place from 16th to 21th February 2015 at Fusolab 2.0 and in some public spaces of the eastern outskirts of Rome.

Periferica #ArtIsAct aims to build new visions and collective narratives of urban reality by mixing traditional
media and collaborative and interactive tools. The festival aims to be an interface between the territory, the city and the network through hybridization of diverse artistic languages.

Periferica #ArtIsAct is one of the first initiatives in Italy dedicated to interactive and digital art, a type of art that is meaningful only in the presence of active participation of the public: the viewer becomes “spect-actor” and the work
itself does not exist if the viewer remains passive. This concept can be borrowed in concept of the city that takes shape only if people are actively involved in its construction and its development: and it is this very image that suggested us the name of the first edition of the festival, called “Urban Breaths” because it is focused on art as a nourishment for the city.

The festival offers a rich program with over 60 entries in three different areas:
Live performances: electronic music, VJing, live cinema, interactive dance, theater and architectural videomapping;
Interactive experiences: installations, software, hack, net and art games;
Learning Acts: workshops, talks and children workshops.

LPM participates actively the festival, by presenting many different artists performing several activities as:

  • Mauro Ferrario – Lycra Touch
  • Okapi, Unz – Live Vjing
  • Cool79 (FLxER Team) – Live Vjing
  • Elettra La Marca – Live Vjing
  • Kanaka project – Live Vjing
  • Mauro Ferrario – Live Vjing APV
  • Verbo (FLxER Team) – Live Vjing
  • Videsolid – Live Vjing
  • Flxer team – Mapping Gaming
  • Verbo (FLxER Team) – Just Another E
  • Neocortex – Videomapping architetturale
  • VJ Luper – Videomapping architetturale

The Festival will also actively involve the city with an architectural videomapping that will redraw the front of “Centocelle” Metro C station, an interactive game at “Repubblica” Metro A station, an urban installation spread through the streets of the Alessandrino district and a walkshow in the same district.

Periferica #ArtIsAct, realized by the Department of Culture, Creativity and Artistic Promotion and Tourism – Shows and Events service of the city of Rome, has a scientific committee featuring Tatiana Bazzichelli, Gianluca del Gobbo, Debora Ferrari, Luca Traini, Salvatore Iaconesi, Oriana Persico, Carlo Infante and Martin Romeo, all of them nationally and internationally renowned in the field of digital and interactive art, curators of festivals, founders of international networks such as LPM – Live Performers Meeting and AOS – Art is Open Source, journalists and authors of books on topics related to the festival.

In addition to the rich program of Italian and international artists involved, in order to give visibility to emerging creativity, the Fusolab Association has promoted a call to find a work of a young artist. The work, selected by both the scientific and organizing committee, will be exhibited at the Fusolab 2.0 during the festival.