LPM 2015 @ Eleva Festival

LPM 2015 @ Eleva Festival

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settembre, 13º 2014, 8:00 am | settembre, 20º 2014, 8:00 am
September 13 - 17 / 20, 2014

Centro Internazionale Loris Malaguzzi, Reggio Emilia Italy, Reggio Emilia, Italy

LPM participates to the second edition of Eleva Festival – Advanced Music Meetings, a series of events which will take place in different locations from 13 to 20 September.

The aim of Eleva is to offer a program of electronic music, workshops and visual contents in evocative and suggestive locations. The program foresees a series of 4 Meetings, in which music,art and a visual contest will be combined under the ideals of change, progress, rise as the claim of this edition.

LPM is the promoter of the Visual Art Contest “CMYK”, the first contest associated to the festival. CMYK is a different way of seeing reality, a point of view which is less detailed but more realistic and tangible, to represent what surrounds us. The prizes for the winners are a TEXT MACHINE 3D software license and the chance to perform live in one of the two main stages during the inaugural night of the Festival on September 13. All the projects will still be together in an exhibition held at the International Centre Malaguzzi on September 20.

Participation to the contest is free. The deadline to send the works is September 7.