LPM 2013 Formello | Video Routing Residency

LPM 2013 Formello | Video Routing Residency

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giugno, 3º 2013, 3:00 pm | giugno, 4º 2013, 4:00 am
June 22-29, 2013

Palazzo Chigi, Formello Italy, Formello, Italy

LPM Live Performers Meeting presents the Video Routing Residency which is held June 22 to 29 at Palazzo Chigi in Formello (Rm), new cultural center of the city, now the Museum of Agro Veientano and the Public Library.

10 artists, video performers and experts in the field of live video and new technologies for art, from the national and international scene, work together to develop the prototype of a Routing System that can handle video in real-time multiple video inputs HD on many HD video outputs:
Mauro Ferrario (IT), Nikky (IT), Bruce Lane (FR), n0syntaX (IT), Mario Guida (IT), Tim Vis (DE), CtrlAltLab (IT), EccKer (MEX), Thomas Sanchez (MEX), Emanuele Foti (IT).

For the duration of the residence, participants are accommodated in the new Hostel inside the Palace and have the opportunity to develop ideas, exchange experiences and share content.

On June 29, at 22:00, in the Cloister of Palazzo Chigi, after a short presentation, you can watch the end result of this artistic research that give visibility to the path by a spectacular performance Audio Video Live on 3 screens.
Introducing Gianluca Del Gobbo, organizer and creator of the Live Performers Meeting and Carlo Infante, journalist, lecturer and expert in performing media.

The artistic residency of LPM 2013 is produced with the assistance of the Province of Rome and the collaboration of the City of Formello.

To participate, you need some of these skills:
Knowledge of Video Cards and video chipset both in terms of view of software and hardware, C + +, OpenFrameworks; Electronics, frame memories, signal handling.

To the participants will be offered travel, food and accommodation and is provided the purchase of necessary hardware.

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