LPM 2012 Florence | MUV Festival

LPM 2012 Florence | MUV Festival

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maggio, 29º 2012, 1:00 pm | maggio, 29º 2012, 9:00 pm
May 29 - June 3, 2012

Easy Living, Florence Italy, Florence, Italy

From 29th May to 3rd June, MUV, festival of electronic music and digital arts, comes back in Florence.
The concept of the eighth edition of Muv festival is dedicated to “Digital Renaissance“, synonymous of creativity based on new technological means and its expression contamination. Photographs, music, video, documents created with the help of digital tools come together to create interdisciplinary productions. “Digital Renaissance” related to recent festival experiences, but, above all, to the changes that characterizes this particular historical period.

The festival is characterized by a plurality of events: live electronic music, DJ sets, video performances, multimedia and interactive installations,  contests and workshops.
Full program : www.firenzemuv.com 
LPM supports MUV renewing the participation to the event, with a preview that foresees audio visual performances by some of the most interesting international video performers.
Wednesday 30th May @ Easy Living, Spiaggia sull’Arno

19.00 MOWGLI & SILVERIOFUNK (UK) live a/v
Mowgli (Manuel J Barrio)
Mowgli has been vjing since 2004. He has performed at events ranging from the Big Chill Festival to numerous underground clubs while also playing at niche AV events like Dark Fibre, Immersion and Electrovision. His animation and motion graphics work has been comissioned by Coca-Cola, Nintendo and the BBC and had his work displayed at Kinetika Art Fair 2010. He recently worked with NE1CO on visuals for the performances of Above and Beyond.

Silveriofunk (Javier Silverio)
Silveriofunk started djing in 2002 while studying audio engineering. Since then he has played and held residencies at the Mother Bar, The White house, the Dog Star and Sadler’s Wells. In 2007 Silverio started focusing on his own music which led him to perform and lecture about music production and Ableton Live at the Apple Store in London’s Regent Street. Silveriofunk has been collaborating with Mowgli since 2007 performing together and creating a number of audio visual tracks which led to the creation of Maya in 2010.
At Muv they will present Codeoute , a remix of tracks performed live by Abletone and Modul8

21.30 MANDY MOZART (AU) + FADER (USA) live a/v
James Cui (Fader) is an international visual artist with a focus on live video performance and generative visual art. As a trained illustrator and self taught programmer, he designs and codes VJ software through Processing and Max/Jitter, as well as develops hardware solutions using touchscreen and Kinect technology. Since 2002, he has VJed at hundreds of clubs, events, and participated in festivals around the world including Coachella, Burningman, and Mapping (Geneva). His work also includes music video, art installation, stage design, video mapping, facade visual, and theater. He’s serving as a co-organizer for the (Los Angeles Video Artists) group. At  MUV Fader joined audiovisual performance by the highly talented techno wunderkind Mandy Mozart from Salzburg and off the earth visual designer Fader. A journey through electroacustic dancemusic and Nouveau Glitter eye candy.

22.30 Screening VJ Television
VJ Television, the first and only channel in the world to broadcast  live video performances 24/7.
The contents of Television VJ ranging from documentaries, tutorials, interviews, enriched by thousands of live performances that  give an overview of different styles, approaches and techniques. Finally, from 24.00 to 06.00 the programming is devoted to the wildest vjset . The contents of Vj Television come from www.flxer.net , a community of over 12,000 live video performers from around the world, contributing to enrich the programming of the channel through the exchange and manipulation of video content and contributions included.