LPM 2011 | Roma Design Week

LPM 2011 | Roma Design Week

Portfolio: Live Visuals
febbraio, 4º 2011, 9:00 pm | febbraio, 5º 2011, 1:00 am
February 4, 2011

Ex Gil, Rome italy, Rome, italy

During the Roma Design Week, Gianluca Del Gobbo (LPM) and Cool79 (FLxER Team) are invited to the DORKBOT ROMA, to present FLxER in a theorical-practical workshop, during the seminary Digital Technologies in Live Visuals.

On Saturday 5th, the day focused on Video Animation, Gianluca Del Gobbo partecipates as relator at the meeting DORKBOT ROMA.
Flyer Communication joins the event presenting the workshop FLxER 5.0 – free AV mixer, interactive free-software to mix audio, video and multimedia sources during live performances but also a web-community made of more than 11.000 people sharing their productions.

Ex Gil, Roma.