LPM 2009 Rome | Capodanno DE/GENERE

LPM 2009 Rome | Capodanno DE/GENERE

Portfolio: Live Visuals
dicembre, 31º 2009, 10:00 am | gennaio, 1º 2010, 2:00 am
December 31, 2009

Nuovo Cinema Aquila, Rome Italy, Rome, Italy

Nuovo Cinema Aquila, sponsored by the Assessorato alle Politiche Culturali e della Comunicazione, and Municipio Roma VI del Comune di Roma, presents CAPODANNO DE/GENERE 2010, a special cinematographic party waiting for the transition to 2010.

The central theme of the new year eve is the italian horror B movies, revisited in the languages of movies, performance art, video art, photography, live music: all expertly seasoned with black humor and rivers of bloody mary.

The event is punctuated by two events: “Incredibly Ugly Cinema” and “Incredibly Ugly Party”.

During the “Incredibly Ugly Cinema”, the best of new and old horror B movies are projected continuously from midnight until six in the morning, .

In parallel, the foyer of the New Cinema Aquila, hosts the “Incredibly Ugly Party” where dj, vj, live performances, experimental photography and installations, are mingle in the most avant-garde New Year party in Rome.

The collaboration between Nuovo Cinema L’Aquila, FLV-Flyer Live Visuals and LPM is renewed, with our participation in the organization of the party, concerning the video set up in the foyer where the editors of Caina Mondo Zine present Mondo Nekro, a project halfway between vjing and video installation, born from their encounter with the german director Jorg Buttgereit.

Professional entertainers of the party, among a list of special guests, and representatives of FLV and LPM in the console: the duo of dj TWB – Trix & Warbear, and the vjs Nikky and Infidel, that create until dawn a disarming combination of techno music and dark visual.