LPM 2008 Rome | Electrode 08

LPM 2008 Rome | Electrode 08

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giugno, 13º 2008, 10:00 am | giugno, 14º 2008, 2:00 am
June 13 - 14, 2008

Forte Prenestino, Rome Italy, Rome, Italy

The 13th and the 14th of June at CSOA Forte Prenestino takes place the third edition of Electrode, festival of electronic music, borns from the collaboration of different realities including LPM and FLV – Flyer Live Visual.

The festival brings together in a huge open-air dance hall, the most interesting samples of electronic music, from techno to drum’n’bass, from techouse to breakbeat, passing through the jungle; a two days of visual performances, vjset, workshops and events, with the performances of the most interesting djs and international guests.

LPM and FLV – Flyer Live Visual join the events presenting the most of the vjsets and the A/V performances.

Friday the 13th, is presented Parsifal,an evocative dance on tissue planes performed by the dancer Moodylisa, using a fabric wrapped around her body to make choreographic and acrobatic moves in apparent balance between real and surreal. The performance is completed by the sounds of dj Ale G. and the amazing visual performed in real time by Nikky.

Saturday the 14th, TheSAD presents his performance IC:: ntr::l Nature, in which the entire life cycle of a bug, the absolute protagonist of the video, is driven by the same artist, using an electric bass as an instrument of control, joking about pretentious ambition of men to prevaricate nature.

Among the vjs CineticLab, Bugdate and Videosolid in the Dancefloor Alpha; Cool79, Vj ², Pintaycolorea, Infidel in the Dancefloor Omega.

Among the djs, Warbear runs the dj set Phag Off loves Electrode.

LPM and FLV – Flyer Live Visuals present also the workshop on FLxER – FLASH VIDEO MIXER, hold by Gianluca Del Gobbo talking about the FLxER project, including software, community and the side artistic projects of the FLxER Team.

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