LPM 2008 Rome | Condominio season 2007/2008

LPM 2008 Rome | Condominio season 2007/2008

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ottobre, 26º 2007, 10:00 am | ottobre, 27º 2007, 2:00 am
October 26, 2007

Rialto Occupato, Rome Italy, Rome, Italy

Every last friday of the month, the vj Pintaycolorea from LPM and FLV Flyer Live Visuals, alongside the resident djs Flavia Lazzarini and Gino “Woody” Bianchi, is the special guest of the Condominio, a night party of house music, garage and funk, with a scent of art and cinema, far away from the usual clichés of club culture.

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