LPM 2007 Rome | PhagOff Seasons 2006/2007

LPM 2007 Rome | PhagOff Seasons 2006/2007

Portfolio: Live Visuals
ottobre, 21º 2006, 10:00 am | ottobre, 22º 2006, 2:00 am
October 21, 2006

Metaverso, Rome Italy, Rome, Italy

Phag Off is a multilingusitic queer project born in 2000 that delivers its contents through the festival form, with a conception of party completely new and deeply open; each season provides a series of theme nights that address with irreverence and irony, gender and queer issues.

Phag Off gives a specifical focus to the video information freedom using pornography as a political incorrect tool to destroy taboos and to promote new forms of relationship.

The avant-garde spirit, the courage to present itself in a shocking mix of luxury, excess and extravagance and the technologic experimentations in music and video, are the basic characteristic of Phag Off.

FLV-Flyer Live Visuals and LPM actively participate in the project with three of its artists; Warbear, Nikky and Infidel.

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