LPM 2006 @ Oddstream

LPM 2006 @ Oddstream

Portfolio: Live Visuals
marzo, 2º 2006, 10:00 am | marzo, 3º 2006, 2:00 am
March 2, 2006

Tac, Nijmegen Netherlands, Nijmegen, Netherlands

Oddstream is a project ideated and developed by Pink Sweater, a

netherland foundation focused on audiovisual productions and projects mainly within the cultural and social sector.

Oddstream means literally ‘weird stream’ and stands for the mixture between cultures, artistic expressions and different streams.

The main elements of the event are intercultural learning and actively performing arts, strictly connected each other in order to promote new trend of transnational communication and to create a broad basis for international audiovisual projects.

LPM and FLV – Flyer Live Visuals join the first edition of the event presenting a workshop about FLxER, the interactive free-software developed by Flyer Communication Lab to mix audio, video and multimedia sources during live performances, but also a web-community made of more than 11.000 people sharing their productions.