LPM 2006 @ Fabbrica Europa

LPM 2006 @ Fabbrica Europa

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maggio, 12º 2006, 10:00 am | maggio, 13º 2006, 2:00 am
May 12, 2006

Stazione Leopolda , Firenze Italy, Firenze, Italy

Fabbrica Europa – ideas, emotions, thoughts and actions, visual arts and knowledge, creativity. Technical devices make emotional equivalents manifest.

LPM and the FLxER Team are invited to attend the 2006 edition of the festival organized by Fabbrica Europa Foundation for Contemporary Arts.

The laboratory of the possible has a dual impetus: it focuses on innovation and the potential of new technologies, while also acting as a dynamic reflection on sensory and intellectual pathways. The themes are explored and interpreted by video makers, performers, musicians, dancers and new media artists as well as by scholars and spectators in performances, workshops and seminars.

LPM join the Festival with two activities:
a workshop about the software and the web community FLxER.net

the liveset of the FLxER Team: FLxER vs Burnstation.

Artists investigate the link between art and science that opens, closes, disturbs, normalises, predisposes, disconnects, moves and individuates the performance circuit. Live art and science are the systems that marry laity and spirituality, the soul and the ingenuity of the brain, expression and representation, experimental practice and pure research.

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