Live Cinema Festival 2015 | LPM 2015 > 2018

Live Cinema Festival 2015 | LPM 2015 > 2018

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September, 4th 2015, 9:00 pm | September, 12th 2015, 11:30 pm
September 4 - 12, 2015

Piazza dell'Immacolata, Rome Italy, Rome, Italy

The second edition of Live Cinema Festival takes place in Rome from September 4th to 12th, 2015 in Piazza dell’Immacolata, in the district of San Lorenzo.

The program foresees the exhibition of 18 international artists during 9 nights in the open air space of one of the most popular squares in Rome: Piazza Immacolata, very strong gathering point which can become a new place dedicated to culture and an example of exploitation of the potential of the San Lorenzo district, one the most populated and vibrant city areas and aims, among its main objectives, to put in touch young people to cultural proposals throught an event totally for free.

In the past , the concept of “Live Cinema” was mainly used to describe the live musical accompaniment of silent movies. Nowadays “Live Cinema” means an experimental narrative technique, applied to performative video, which gives rise to the simultaneous creation of sound and images in real time, in which the traditional standards of narrative cinema, represented by the subjectivity of the camera, is expanded into a broader conception. “Cinema” is understood as the act of simultaneously create images and sounds that interact with each other and take shape in a synaesthetic approach that results in audio-video performance realized in real-time, in which the viewer’s perception is in constant tension between experimentation and re-enactment.


Friday, Sept. 4
21.00 Mannheim AV Kollektiv | M1
22.00 Teatrino Elettrico | Ceci n’est pas une musique

Saturday, Sept. 5
21.00 Susan van Dongen | Decode
22.00 Fire at Work | Extreme Chillout Cinema
23.00 AMENcrew | Digital Organics

Sunday, Sept. 6
21.00 Kasia Justka | Electr­cute
22.00 Marco Mendeni | r_lightTweakSunlight

Monday, Sept. 7
21.00 Space Love | LCF Space Love
22.00 Nikky & Trix | Aporia

Tuesday, Sept. 8
21.00 Klabrus (Emre Kula) | LCF Klabrus
22.00 Ind |Field Test VI – Symmetry

Thursday, Sept. 9
21.00 Ogino:knauss with 1Kpieces | EX – Exercises in Urban Reconnaissance
22.00 Matteo Bennici | Shestaya

Wednesday, Sept. 10
21.00 Dubit + Didif | Balanced
22.00 Ryo Ikeshiro | Construction in Kneading

Friday, Sept. 11
22.00 DIE! GOLDSTEIN | Dystopia Utopia
23.00 VJ Kinomatic (The Erasers) | Manifesto, a statement of failures

Saturday, Sept. 12
21.00 dORNwITTCHEN & Holzhouse | dORNwITTCHEN in Holzhouse
22.00 Addictive Tv | Orchestra of Samples


Live Cinema Festival 2015 have been selected as an official project of “Estate Romana 2015” funded by Roma Capitale in collaboration with SIAE and its purpose is to enhance one of the most vibrant areas of the city, through the exhibition of 31 artists, which, thanks to a program that combines emerging and known artists, has the opportunity to become a real moment of for cultural aggregation.

Live Cinema Festival is  part of the project of cultural cooperation LPM 2015 > 2018 realized with the contribution of the Creative Europe Culture Program for European Cooperation Projects, involving 14 partners from 13 different countries: Austria, Belgium, Czech Republic, France, Germany, Greece , Hungary, Italy, Netherlands, Poland, Spain, Turkey and United Kingdom.

Live Cinema Festival is a cultural and artistic project, promoted by Flyer Communication in co-production with LPM – Live Performers Meeting,, Linux Club, Free Hardware Foundation and Improvearts  with the support of  Roma Capitale and approved by AVnode.