Istanbul AV Residency 2018 #2 | LPM 2015 > 2018

Istanbul AV Residency 2018 #2 | LPM 2015 > 2018

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Portfolio: Live Visuals
maggio, 4º 2018, 3:00 pm | maggio, 6º 2018, 4:00 am
May 4 - 6, 2018

MAMA Istanbul, Istanbul Turkey, Istanbul, Turkey

The third AV Residency in Turkey will happen from 4 to 6 of May at MAMA Istanbul with a 3 days session of workshops, screenings, AV performances and DJ-VJ Sets where international artists meets local ones.

The 5 of may is dedicated to female artists.


  Friday 4 Saturday 5 ♀ Sunday 6
15:00 > 04:00 Screenings Live Cinema Festival Screenings Live Cinema Festival Screenings Live Cinema Festival
15:00 > 21:00   VJing Workshop by Videosolid (IT) VJing Workshop by Videosolid (IT)
  Techno Türken meets AVnode MAMA meets AVnode  
22:00 > 23:00 AV Performance: Go Back to Hiding in the Shadows by Pandelis Diamantides (GR) AV Performance: Light particles by (PL)  
23:00 > 04:00 Audio Video Audio Video    
  Cetin Sahin (TK)  VJ Dirgen (TK) Y.Unan (TK) Stella Gelesh (RU)  
   FEVZEE (TK)   Mert A (TK) VJ Emiko (PL)  
  Daniel Dreier (TK) Videosolid (IT) Esther Duijn (TK) VJ Emiko (PL)  
   Demir & Seymen (TK)    Esther Duijn (TK) Valegera (IT)  

Go Back to Hiding in the Shadows by Pandelis Diamantides (GR)

AV Performance | 22:00 > 23:00 | Friday 4

A digital granary of processed instrumental and electronic sounds, field recordings, rock formations, plants, animals and swarms unfolds a narrative of becoming.

The prime material of the work consists of deconstructed human voices, physical instruments and field recordings dissolved in an imagery of photographs, videos and processed visual material collected around the Troodos mountain range on the island of Cyprus.

Light particles by (PL)

AV Performance | 22:00 > 23:00 | Saturday 5

Dotokime project was born from the passion of two artists: Emilia Gumańska, known under the VJ Emiko alias, and Artur Śleziak, producing electronic music as DotDot. For her video installations, Emiko works with a human body, shadows, and emotions. The music of DotDot is the art of creating tense sound; it’s an ongoing experimentation with colors and space. Their debut joint project, called LIGHT PARTICLES, is the dance of a man, light, and sound. And the presentation of everything that’s important to a human being. It took over a year to film all of the scenes, required for an hour-long story – combined with music – which unfolds, hypnotizes and makes time stop. The project premiered in March 2015 in the Centre of Audiovisual Technologies in Wroclaw.

VJing Workshop by Videosolid (IT)

Workshop | 15:00 > 21:00 | Saturday 5 – Sunday 6

The VJ is usually considered as a figure that has extensive knowledge of video technologies: from shooting, to video mixing, to video projection. The aim of the VJing and Visual Art course is to provide the student with the theory and techniques to try his hand at the vjing world, leaving ample room for the laboratory phase and the exchange of practical experiences between teachers and students. During the course we will examine the 2 of the most popular and used softwares: VDMX and FLxER and we will analyze the methods of production and retrieval of the video material, the design and organization of the live set.

Screenings: Live Cinema Festival

Video Installation | 15:00 > 04:00 | Friday 4 – Saturday 5 – Sunday 6

Interviews, previews and backstages of some of the best artists that plays live cinema performances, to better understands the creative process and the contents of this new audio video discipline.


  1. In Profile
    • The Light Surgeons (UK/NL)
  2. SuperEverything Trailer
    • The Light Surgeons (UK/NL)
  3. Orchestra of Samples by AV artists Showreel
    • Addictive TV (UK)
  4. 30-1-2014
    • Addictive TV (UK)
  5. Exosphere in Entalpia
    • Emiko (PL)
  6. Materia Sonica
    • Dies_ (IT)
  7. Typo#4
    • Francesca Fini (IT)
  8. Bodyquake
    • Francesca Fini (IT)
    • Anne Gentenaar (NL)
  10. Bruder
    • Surogaat (IT)
  11. Chevrolet in Tokyo
    • Surogaat (IT)
  12. Representa Corisco
    • Ricardo Silveira Cançado VJ Eletroiman (BR)
  13. Workshops “Live Cinema” Experiment At UCLA
    • Francis Ford Coppola (USA)
  14. Coppola aposta em cinema ao vivo como futuro para a sétima arte
    • Francis Ford Coppola (USA)
  15. Live Cinema Festival 2014 Report
    • The Light Surgeons (UK/NL)
    • Elektro Moon Vision (PL/HU)
    • Drøp (DE)
    • Fax (IT)
    • Emiko (PL)
    • Byzond (BL)
    • Peter Kirn (DE)
    • Økapi (IT)
    • unz.snu (IT)
    • dies_ (IT)
  16. Live Cinema Festival 2015 Report
    • Mannheim Av Kollektiv (DE)
    • Teatrino Elettrico (IT)
    • Suzanne Van Dongen (NL)
    • Fire at work (IT)
    • AMENcrew (IT)
    • Kasia Justka (PL/DE)
    • Marco Mendeni (IT)
    • Space Love (CZ/UK)
    • NIKKY & djsilviatrix (IT)
    • Klabrus (TR)
    • Ind (IT)
    • Ogino:Knauss (IT/DE)
    • Matteo Bennici (IT)
    • Didif & Dubit (IT)
    • Ryo Ikeshiro (UK)
    • Vj Kinomatik | The Erasers (GR)
    • dORNwITTCHEN feat Hoizhouse (AT)
    • Addictive TV (UK)
  17. Live Cinema Festival 2016 Report
    • 1024 Architecture (FR)
    • Greg Pope (UK)
    • Ojoboca [Anja Dornieden & Juandavid Gonzales Monroy] (DE)
    • Martin Blažíček & Michal Zbořil (CZ)
    • Glimgrill [Michaela Grill & Andreas Berger] (AT)
    • Alba G.Corral & Dariusz Makaruk (ES/PL)
    • Juliank [Henk Nijman & Julian Theelen] (NL)
    • Gabor Kitzinger & S-Olbricht (HU)
  18. Live Cinema Festival 2017 Report
    • Funki Porcini (UK)
    • Ultravioletto (IT)
    • Kanaka (IT)
    • Reaper death seal corporation (CZ)
    • Don’t eat group (HU)
    • Fonostrabico (ES)
    • Aleksander Janicki & Franciszek Araszkiewicz (PL)
    • Klaus Obermaier (AT)

DJ Sets

23:00 > 04:00 | Friday 4

  • Daniel Dreier (TK)
  • Demir & Seymen (TK)
  • Cetin Sahin (TK)

VJ Sets

23:00 > 04:00 | Friday 4

  • VJ Dirgen (TK)
  • Videosolid (IT)
  • FLxER Team (IT)

DJ Sets

23:00 > 04:00 | Saturday 5

  • Esther Duijn (TK)

VJ Sets

23:00 > 04:00 | Saturday 5

  • Stella Gelesh (RU)
  • VJ Emiko (PL)
  • Valegera (IT)