Hidden Structures – Oddstream 2018 | LPM 2015 > 2018

Hidden Structures – Oddstream 2018 | LPM 2015 > 2018

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Portfolio: Live Visuals
maggio, 7º 2018, 3:00 pm | maggio, 18º 2018, 11:00 pm
May 7 - 18, 2018

Stichting Oddstream, Nijmegen Netherlands, Nijmegen, Netherlands

Hidden Structures – Oddstream 2018
Artist-in-residences May 7 – 18
Odd Café 17 May 2018

Hidden Structures is Oddstream’s year long project with artist-in-residences, workshops and brainstorm sessions, a publication and a concluding exhibition this fall.

We are constantly surrounded by invisible and intangible structures which all the while influence our lives to a large extent. The most comprehensive structure is of course the internet, which combines everything rhizomatically via far off data centers. These structures not only are located all around us, but are close to the skin as well. They keep track of our every move, analyze what we do and communicate with each other. In many cases we know they are there (but more often, we don’t), but we don’t know what these structures look like and certainly not how they work.
Hidden Structures takes this subject as a starting point for a project where art, technology and making come together. How can we make these hidden structures tangible so we’re able to design our surroundings differently?

During our project we take a look at new or innovative ways to think about the virtual layers in our environment. With Hidden Structures we want to go beyond the opacity of digital structures and the metaphors (like ‘the cloud’) and abstractions which are used to describe these.
We also want to go back to the social connotation of the network – one of people. Dialogue is important in Hidden Structures. We invite the public to discuss the subject, to make new things and to ask questions.

In May Oddstream is hosting two Odd Stays in Studio Oddstream. Odd Stay is Oddstream’s artist-in-residency project, where one or two artists create new work.
The first AIR represents Kevin Kuijpers (NL). His main interests are data visualisation, light and sound, and scent. During his Odd Stay he is making a new work that revolves around detecting (un)safe wifi networks. Parrr Geng (CHN/DE) and Roos Meerman (NL) collaborate this month to develop an installation about the perception of (hidden) biodiversity.
Parrr Geng’s work takes different forms, such as installation, poetry, illustration and performance. With her background as a biochemist she focuses on bodily experiences in digital surroundings. Roos Meerman is a designer researching materials, techniques and processes, in which her amazement for nature’s laws are a starting point.
Both new works will be presented at Oddstream’s exhibition which will take place in Arnhem this fall.

Parrr Geng and Roos Meerman will give a presentation about their collaboration on 17 May, during Odd Café – Kunst als oplossing?
During this meet up we will also discuss whether art and design should offer solutions to societal problems, such as environmental issues. Artists and designers can provide new perspectives on these subjects, as well as offer possible solutions. But to which extent should they feel this responsibility? And what are the artistic and social values of these solutions?

Odd Café – Kunst als oplossing?
17 May 20:00 – 22:00, Studio Oddstream, Ridderstraat 23, Nijmegen, NL