Hidden Structures 2018

Hidden Structures 2018

Portfolio: Live Visuals
ottobre, 11º 2018, 3:00 pm | ottobre, 14º 2018, 9:00 pm
October 11 - 14, 2018

Historische Kelders, Arnhem Netherlands, Arnhem, Netherlands

What does the internet look like?

We are constantly surrounded by invisible and intangible structures which influence our lives to a large extent. They keep track of our every move, analyze what we do and communicate with each other. How can we make these hidden structures tangible and visible?

Oddstream’s exhibition Hidden Structures presents works which uncover the hidden, expose power dynamics in digital technologies and show us an alternative future.

Hidden Structures takes place in an inherent hidden network: the historic medieval cellars of Arnhem.

Opening Hours

Thursday 11th, Friday 12th, Saturday 13th, Sunday 14th of October 13:00 – 21:00
Sander Veenhof – Patent Alert
Katarina Petrovic – Cosmologicus
Marco Barotti – The Woodpeckers
Jeroen van Loon – An Internet
Andreas Lutz – Daemon
Leon Baauw en Marcha Schagen – KOVR – Anti-Surveillance Coat type I
Sjef van Beers – Portrait of a Network
Simone C. Niquille – PROXYBODY
Tycho Kilsdonk – Spinning Beach Ball of Death
Ingrid Burrington – Volkel Air Base (51.656664, 5.695424)
Kyriaki Goni – Aegan Datahaven
Jeroen van Loon – Connecting the Dots
Kevin Kuijpers – WiFi Dowsing Rod [Odd Stay]
Parrr Geng en Roos Meerman – Pedesis [Odd Stay]

Performance (Continuously during exhibition)
IFTHISTENI by Sander Veenhof & Joris van Midde

Thursday 11th, 19:30
Go Back to Hiding in the Shadows by Pandelis Diamantides

Sun 14th of October, 19:30
Guided tour Odd Walk

Sun 14th of October, 16:00
Deleting the Clouds by Ingrid Burrington:

Sat 13th, Sun 14th of October, 13:00 – 17:00
Children’s workshops
Adult workshops Kill your phone

Sat 13th, 21:00
Thank you Internet
@ BAR.DE.GROEN (Arnhem)

Admission Prices
Exhibition Regular € 7.50
Exhibition Students € 5
Exhibition Children € 5 (exhibition + workshops // free admission under 8)
Odd Walk (Sunday) € 10 (including exhibition)
Lecture (Sunday) € 10 (including exhibition)
Adult workshops € 20 [admission beforehand info@oddstream.nl // including exhibition]
Performances free with admission
Party ‘Thank you internet’ free entrance [takes place @ BAR.DE.GROEN]
Admission on the door. Pin only!

Historic City Cellars / Rozet
Kortestraat 16 Arnhem