FLxER Audio Visual Performing Art Project | LPM 2015 > 2018

FLxER Audio Visual Performing Art Project | LPM 2015 > 2018

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Portfolio: Live Visuals
May, 21st 2018, 10:00 am | May, 27th 2018, 11:00 pm
May 21 - 27, 2018

Fusolab 2.0, Rome Italy, Rome, Italy

For the Eureka! – Roma 2018 project FLxER proposes an event focused on the meeting of video and performance that joins show and research with a deep link with entertainment and didactic thanks to public events and video mapping installations.

The program forsees the finalisation of the work package by the work group and a series of workshops, lectures and video interdisciplinary live shows open to the public and for free.
The team is composed by: Gabor Kitzinger, Emanuele Tarducci, Gianluca Del Gobbo, Elisa Antonacci, Giulio Maresca, Fabio Sestili

1 > 18 May
The work group develops the workpackage to be completed in Rome

21 > 25 May 9:30 > 18:30
FLxER Workpackage finalisation

26 > 27 May 10:00 > 14:00 15:00 > 19:00
Workshop: Touch Designer for the development and research in the visualisation field.
Emanuele Tarducci

26 > 27 May 10:00 > 14:00 15:00 > 19:00
Workshop: Generative Video Mapping
Riccardo Cavazza

Friday 25 May 16:00 > 18:00
Lecture: From FLxER 1.0 to the 6.0 version, research and its results
Gianluca Del Gobbo

Friday 25 May 18:00 > 20:00
Lecture: Fake Intelligence: Artificial Intelligence and new anthropologies in remix-humanity; HER: (Human Ecosystems Relazioni)
Massimo Canevacci

Sathurday 26 May 16:00 > 18:00
Lecture: LPM – LIVE PERFORMERS MEETING, Live Cinema Festival and Fotonica, from the FLxER community to che XIX edition of the event
Chiara Giannini Guazzugli, Claudio Guerrieri

Sathurday 26 May 18:00 > 20:00
Lecture: An existencial school: algorithms, artificial intelligence and data, and the overcoming of Renaissance; HER, Esc Atelier

Sathurday 26 May 16:00 > 19:00
Workshop: FLxER Video Mapping for kids
FLxER Team

Sathurday 26 May 21:00 > 22:00
Video Mapping installation by the workpackage group

Sathurday 26 May 22:00 > 01:00
AV installation by FLxER Team and Ipologica

Sunday 27 May 16:00 > 19:00
Workshop: FLxER Video Mapping for kids

The project is organised by Flyer that develop FLxER, interactive free-software born to mix video sources, texts, graphics, images in video live performances, born in 2001 as a resolutive tool and natural response to the need to fuse scientific research and expressive arts of a collective made of digital creatives and researchers.
The project is part of the Eureka! Roma 2018 programme promoted by Roma Capitale Assessorato alla Crescita culturale and in collaboration with Siae.

The project is part of LPM 2015 > 2018, a project co-funded by Creative Europe, a program of the European Union that aims to promote Visual Visual Arts Digital through a joint project of 13 partners from 12 countries with the production of 36 festivals, 3 meetings, 3 Audience Development Conferences and over 200 satellite events.