Expériences audio-visuelles

Expériences audio-visuelles

Portfolio: Live Visuals
novembre, 30º 2018, 3:00 pm | dicembre, 1º 2018, 12:00 am
November 30 - December 1, 2018

La Zonmé, Nice France, Nice, France

Sophia Digital Art and La Zonmé present Experience VJ

★ Expériences audio-visuelles ★

A one day festival of rock and roll, crazy visuals, and outre performances by the best and baddest that the Gallic Empire has to offer.

Organized by Sophia Digital Art and La Zonmé, Experience VJ is a multimedia art festival located in Nice, France, featuring the newest and most innovative audio visual work, stage design, interactive visuals, and electronic music on the planet.
With workshops, hardware and software demos, and performances by 15 artists from over 5 countries, this two day event is guaranteed to amaze and delight professional artists and enthusiasts alike!


★ Partners★

La Zonmé | Videodrömm | Ten Ton Raygun | AVnode | HeavyM

★ About Sophia Digital Art ★
Sophia Digital Art creates events which aims to connect artists from all over the world to exchange expertise and promote the newest technologies of performing art. The program promotes workshops, concerts, dj/vj sets, installations, audiovisual performances and project showcases. Its mission is to establish connections between the disciplines of VJing, visual programming in real time, stage design, interaction between music and image, and multimedia art.

Tickets: https://experiencevj.eventbrite.com