Designing an audio-visual installation using MaxMSP + Jitter Workshop

Designing an audio-visual installation using MaxMSP + Jitter Workshop

Portfolio: Live Visuals
settembre, 6º 2016, 10:00 am | settembre, 10º 2016, 6:00 pm
September 6 -10, 2016

TBA, Berlin Germany, Berlin, Germany

Designing an audio-visual installation using MaxMSP + Jitter Workshop

Curated by CC4AV

In this workshop we will be creating audio-visual installations and learning technical strategies for defining our needs and what we can explore, test & build using MaxMSP framework.

We will be talking about each part of MaxMSP starting from core (Max) to signals (MSP) and visuals (Jitter), as well as exploring how we can make the sound related to visuals or the visuals related to sound. We will be using sensors in order to sense the world using MaxMSP and, in the reverse order, we will be altering the physical world by using light & DMX, motors.

Every workshop day will be consisting of teaching, examples and descriptions. Each participant will be working on his/her own system and will be assisted and advised by the workshop holder.

Feel free to bring any ideas you have related to the topic. If you want to connect your openFrameworks, Processing or Arduino projects to MaxMSP, the workshop holder will help you to accomplish that.

– Day 1: Fundamentals of MaxMSP framework: Max, MSP, Jitter, Gen (gen~, jit.gen and pix).

– Day 2 :Visualizing data & sound. Examples & participants’ own design.

– Day 3 : Sonifying data & visuals. Examples & participants’ own design.

– Day 4 : Sensing the world (physical computing). Examples & participants’ own design.

– Day 5 : Finalizing our systems and preparing for a small showcase / exhibition. Each participants will explain and run his/her piece.

Final event: Small exhibition / showcase of workshop participants works

Workshop holder: Julien Bayle

Julien Bayle is a multidisciplinary and independent artist based in France and working at the juncture of sound & visual. He merges visual art, music composition, physical approach of sound art and data visualization by creating advanced programmed installations and audio/visual live performances. He tries to address the question of disrupted continuum, interferences and representation of concepts by using physics of sound and error/artifact magnification. His work is based on both experimentations and programming, using concepts of complexity and chaos as guidelines. He depicts a world saturated by meaningless informations, societies complexity through a positive-nihilist kind of deconstruction of processes, structures and results.

He performed his audio-visual live performances in international festivals like ELEKTRA in Canada, or sound:frame in Austria and exhibited his work in galleries in Europe. Julien Bayle is also an art teacher and provides advanced technical courses about the place of technology in new media creation. He has been invited by different art schools in Europe. He co-leads the Bordille Records art label with François Larini, works closely with & records for Canadian imprint Yatra Arts and is also part of SHAPE Network during 2016.

Workshop: Will be specified soon
Final showcase: Will be specified soon

Price for workshop:
Student and freelancer ticket ➝ 300 EUR
Regular ticket ➝ 500 EUR


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