Dancity Festival 2013

Dancity Festival 2013

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giugno, 27º 2013, 3:00 pm | giugno, 29º 2013, 4:00 am
June 27-29, 2013

Serendipity club, Foligno Italy, Palazzo Trinci, Foligno Italy, Palazzo Candiotti, Foligno Italy, Foligno, Italy

DANCITY FESTIVAL 2013 – “A Unitary Urbanism”

The eighth edition of Dancity Festival will take place in Foligno (IT) on June 27, 28 and 29, 2013. Many changes are happening this year, starting from the choice to go back to the “old” 3-day formula, with a series of performances and original projects in suggestive locations of the historical city center, such as Palazzo Candiotti, Auditorium S. Domenico, the renovated Piazza S. Domenico and the avant-garde Serendipity club. “A Unitary Urbanism” is this year’s theme, a concept inspired by the Situationist school of thought, which aims to enrich the city environment and its community, through an irruption of art in (real or metaphorical) places of day-to-day living. Opening the Festival in fact is an original project deeply connected to the local area, a world première featuring a performance by Shackleton, one of the most influential electronic music producers in the world, with the Foligno Quintana Drummers. The special performance, organized for the 400th anniversary of the traditional Foligno jousting tournament on Thursday the 27th in Piazza San Domenico, aims to extract this cultural town symbol from its classic context and re-interpret it in a new, contemporary and experimental fashion. Following this event on Thursday night at Palazzo Candiotti, from 8 pm, Fabric resident Craig Richards will return to Foligno, after falling in love with the city during his January gig at Serendipity club, to perform a Seven Inch DJ set, from garage rock to rockabilly. Then, the long-awaited concert by Deerhunter, whose new album Monomania just came out in May, an opening performance by French collective Chromb!, and a live concert again by Shackleton, with his instinctive and at the same time intricate and complex style. Pinch will close the first day with a DJ set, as always bending genres and expectations with his fresh-cut selection of acetate dubplates and highly sought after vinyls.

On Friday the 28th, the Festival will continue at Auditorium S. Domenico with different exhibitions, including the new project by Vincenzo Vasi with Valeria Sturba, Dervishi, followed by the live performance by Sven Kacirek, a producer whose degree in percussions comes from the Hamburg conservatory, but whose heart lies in Kenya, bringing together dark and repressed German emotion with African euphoria. Then, at Palazzo Candiotti, techno below 100 bpm by Andy Stott, producer from Oldham who, after the double EP Passed me by and We Stay Together in 2011, was featured in almost all international charts the following year with Luxury Problems. Craig Richards will perform again, closing the afternoon events with one of his incomparable performances. The nightly portion of the second day of the Festival will instead take place at Serendipity club, a venue which adapts perfectly with techno cultures: Detroit techno, with Robert Hood live, across-the-channel sounds with Claro Intelecto, and the new German, made-in-Berlin school with Ben Klock, resident at Berghain and Panorama Bar, whose latest release Fabric 66 (2012) is a collection of tracks selected and mixed by him with a touch of great class. The third and last day of the Festival, Saturday the 29th, is presented entirely by Red Bull Music Academy.

A series of artistic performances will take place from 5 pm onwards at Palazzo Candiotti and the adjoining Auditorium S. Domenico, including a lecture with Ghostpoet by Damir Ivic at 6.30 pm at the Auditorium Video Hall, entitled “Ghostpoet: words and sounds”. Among the many shows, the world première of the duo made up of acclaimed Armenian pianist Tigran Hamasyan and LV (Hyperdub). Then, one of the best live sets in the world, by Canadian Mathew Jonson, eclectic artist with a passion for analog instruments, member of Cobblestone Jazz, Midnight Operator and owner of label Wagon Repair, although his latest release came out for notorious UK label Crosstown Rebels. After ten years, we will see the return of Metro Area live, the American duo made up of Morgan Geist and Darshan Jersani, author of the best house track in the last 10 years, Miura, according to Resident Advisor. The task of the closing set will be up to James Holden, founder of Border Community: extremely young, he has already left his mark in the world of electronic music; his new album release is in process, seven years after his last work The Idiots are Winning, for his own label.

These, however, are only some of the many international artists and endless surprises of Dancity Festival 2013, which, despite the financial difficulties of this time in history, continues to grow and to become a an international beacon for cutting-edge performances, innovation and musical quality. In light of this, the Dancity Cultural Association, made up of 20 volunteers, has decided to ask for support for the Festival realization through Indiegogo, portal where the campaign called “Help us build up Dancity Festival” is still active. From a minimum of 2 Euros to a maximum of 1000, anyone can make a donation and contribute to sustain the cause of this “unitary urbanism” which, other than involving the arts and the city, will offer its audience a new sensory and intellectual experience, to observe and experience new forms of creativity.


The 8th edition of Dancity Festival, entitled “A Unitary Urbanism”, is in fact inspired by the concepts of this phenomenon which re-defines art, placing it within the environment surrounding it, juxtaposed to its very idea, according to which it should instead be disconnected from the social contexts where it lives and grows. Art in all its forms therefore takes hold of the physical spaces and historical mutations which accompany it. At Dancity Festival 2013, this translates into the creation of performances and artistic projects connected to the local area, making up an ideal and experimental city, integrated but specific, which therefore offer a new sensory and intellectual experience for its visitors. International artists joining in on folkloristic and local music, concerts, live and DJ sets hosted in historical venues, site-specific works: Dancity Festival thus becomes a city within a city, also through recordings of the urban environment, mapping installations, and projects which salvage and newly develop cultural city symbols. All these elements create an urban utopia in which the inhabitants can live and relate to each other, in order to listen, observe and experience a new city of art, conceived in all its aspects.

Info: http://www.dancity.it/