Create your live A/V system using Ableton Live + MaxMSP + Jitter Workshop, jam session and A/V performance ALPHA

Create your live A/V system using Ableton Live + MaxMSP + Jitter Workshop, jam session and A/V performance ALPHA

Portfolio: Live Visuals
ottobre, 10º 2016, 10:00 am | ottobre, 14º 2016, 6:00 pm
October 10 - 14, 2016

TBA, Berlin Germany, Berlin, Germany

Create your live A/V system using Ableton Live + MaxMSP + Jitter Workshop, jam session and A/V performance ALPHA

Curated by CC4AV

In this workshop we will be working on personal projects that are live audio-visual performances. We will be using using Ableton Live as a sound and data source, and will make it communicate with MaxMSP. We will be exploring advanced audio-analyzing strategies, and will be analyzing specific music data. Then we will be learning how to use this data to generate & alter visuals in a live performance context. This information will give an insight on how to use these kinds of setups for autonomous audio-reactive visuals and installations.

– Day 1: Introduction to main features of Ableton Live & MaxMSP software, including examples related to an audio-reactive visual system design. Preparation of a global liveset and a basic Jitter patch for starting communication. Soundflower & Jack inter-application audio-routing, MIDI Yoke & IAC Bus.

– Day 2: Designing small visuals systems in Jitter. Using pre-existing videos, webcam flow. Using 3D realtime rendering.

– Day 3: Generating and altering visuals: Using music data (MIDI, Tempo, OSC), Extracting and using sound descriptors (centroid, frequency peaks, noisiness & much more).

– Day 4: Optimizing data & sound routing specifically for live performance.

– Day 5: Finalizing our systems and preparing for a small audiovisual performance.

Julien Bayle is also Ableton Certified Trainer. Each participant will receive a certificate signed by the trainer in the end of this workshop explaining that she/he attended his workshop.

Jam session for workshop participants + A/V performance ALPHA:

ALPHA is a live performance merging sound and visuals into a dense and immersive matter. I designed and composed the first version during the summer 2014 by using a very new creative process. I progressively grew music structures and designed the visuals generation system at the same time. The visual system analyses sound in real time and dynamically generates the elements and structures displayed on the screen during the performance. I created the sound analysis system in order to extract the meaningful elements from the sound at each moment of the performance, feeding the visual generator with information about the noisiness of the sound, its spectrum content and basic time-based data. The visual generator is a complex system I wanted to be able to react to the sound each time differently. I left room for chance (I am talking about “constrained chance”) as a part of the performance. There are no pre- recorded footages used in ALPHA, only 3D rendering, with the idea of producing and generating each time a new matter.

Workshop holder: Julien Bayle

Julien Bayle is a multidisciplinary and independent artist based in France and working at the juncture of sound & visual. He merges visual art, music composition, physical approach of sound art and data visualization by creating advanced programmed installations and audio/visual live performances. He tries to address the question of disrupted continuum, interferences and representation of concepts by using physics of sound and error/artifact magnification. His work is based on both experimentations and programming, using concepts of complexity and chaos as guidelines. He depicts a world saturated by meaningless informations, societies complexity through a positive-nihilist kind of deconstruction of processes, structures and results.

He performed his audio-visual live performances in international festivals like ELEKTRA in Canada, or sound:frame in Austria and exhibited his work in galleries in Europe. Julien Bayle is also an art teacher and provides advanced technical courses about the place of technology in new media creation. He has been invited by different art schools in Europe. He co-leads the Bordille Records art label with François Larini, works closely with & records for Canadian imprint Yatra Arts and is also part of SHAPE Network during 2016.

Workshop: Will be specified soon
Jam session and A/V performance: Will be specified soon

Price for workshop:
Student and freelancer ticket ➝ 300 EUR
Regular ticket ➝ 500 EUR


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